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    1. Amazon Echo | A voice command system that brings the Internet Of Things to your home

      • List of Amazon Echo compatible devices. Need to access Echo from a computer? Just go to Echo.Amazon.com.
      • Использование этого инструмента доступно всем пользователям reddit.com, всего за 5,00 $ вы можете разместить рекламу в этом месте страницы.


    2. Amazon Echo | reddit: the front page of the internet

      • Amazon Echo & SmartThings finally integrated (xpost from r/homeautomation) (reddit.com).
      • Amazon Echo - Unboxing, Setup, Review (youtu.be). submitted 1 year ago by ryswag123. comment.


    3. Amazon Echo review - Engadget

      • Gizmodo says it "falls short" due to its limited range of integration, and GigaOm calls it "Echo's Amazon-centric view."
      • JoshuaLawson. I like Skyward's review format, so I'll piggyback on that. Our Echo was delivered...read more.


    4. Amazon Echo review | Stuff

      • Amazon Echo review. Are you ready to hand the keys to your digital life over to Alexa?
      • It’s a question half the Stuff team asked me when I first pulled Amazon’s Echo out of the box, and honestly, I wasn’t too sure why I would either.


    5. Users Take to Reddit to Voice Amazon Echo Feature Wish List | My Amazon Echo

      • While Amazon has a dedicated team that is diligently pumping out updates, weekly in most cases, users have taken to Reddit to voice some of
      • questions that aren’t covered in the official Amazon Echo help and FAQ page or the Customer Questions and Answers section of their review page, the...


    6. Amazon Echo review: listen up | The Verge

      • She’s my Amazon Echo, a black cylinder about the size of a tennis-ball can that has become my apartment companion for the last few weeks.
      • When we were filming the video for this review, for instance, a woman walked into the room and asked about it. We explained how the Echo worked, and...


    7. Amazon Echo review - CNET

      • More than two years after its debut, the smarter-than-ever Amazon Echo remains one of the best connected home products money can currently buy.
      • Amazon Echo review: The smart speaker that can control your whole house.


    8. Amazon Echo Dot review

      When the Amazon Echo was released last year, I was mildly interested but not enough to actually order one. Then when it seemed like everyone was singing the Echo’s praises, I became even more interested. But still not enough to buy one.


    9. Amazon Echo review

      • The Amazon Echo speaker is just over a year old now and it's fair to say it's been a bit of a hit for the online retail giant. So much so that it has…
      • Amazon Echo review. Update: We spent more time talking to Alexa.


    10. Amazon Echo Show review: Alexa's touchscreen seems half-baked - CNET

      • It's more Echo than Show. By Ry Crist. Reviewed: June 26, 2017.
      • "Alexa, what can you show me?" That's the first thing I asked the touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo Show, the online retail giant's newest and, at $230, most expensive Alexa gadget.