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    1. Intro to the Android Studio plugin available for Visual Studio Team Services.

      • ON THIS PAGE we will show you how to clone your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Git repository (repo) and create pull requests all from within Android Studio.


    2. Update the IDE and SDK Tools | Android Studio

      In this document. Update Your IDE and Change Channels. Update Your Tools with the SDK Manager. Recommended packages. Edit or add SDK tool sites. Auto-download missing packages with Gradle.


    3. Create App Icons with Image Asset Studio | Android Studio

      In this document. About Image Asset Studio. Running Image Asset Studio. Creating a Launcher Icon. Creating an Action Bar or Tab Icon. Creating a Notification Icon.


    4. Create a Project | Android Studio

      In this document. Start a new project. Step 1: Start and configure the project. Step 2: Select form factors and API level. Step 3: Add an activity. Step 4: Configure your activity. Step 5: Develop your app.


    5. Android Developers Blog: Android Studio 2.3

      • The latest Android and Google Play news for app and game developers. Android Studio 2.3. 02 March 2017.


    6. Debug Your App | Android Studio

      In this document. Debug types. Use the system log. Write log messages in your code. View the system log. Work with breakpoints. View and configure breakpoints. Debug window frames. Inspect variables.


    7. JOBB | Android Studio

      The jobb tool allows you to build encrypted and unencrypted APK expansion files in Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) format. You can download and mount these expansion files in your application using...


    8. Add Code from a Template | Android Studio

      In this document. Add a project component. Select an activity template. Basic Activity. Bottom Navigation Activity. Empty Activity. Fullscreen Activity. Login Activity. Master/Detail Flow.


    9. Configure Android Studio | Android Studio

      In this document. Find your configuration files. Customize your VM options. Maximum heap size. Export and import IDE settings. Customize your IDE properties. Configure the IDE for low-memory machines.


    10. Projects Overview | Android Studio

      In this document. Modules. Project Files. Project Structure Settings. A project in Android Studio contains everything that defines your workspace for an app, from source code and assets...