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    1. Your appendix is a narrow, muscular worm-like pouch. Find out where it is in your body.

      • The appendix has no known function in humans. Evidence suggests that our evolutionary ancestors used their appendixes to digest tough food like tree bark, but we don't use ours in digestion now. Some scientists believe that the appendix will disappear from the human body.


    2. The Human Body

      • Fourth Grade, The Human Body. 2002 Colorado Unit Writing Project. 3. Finally, red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which helps them carry oxygen around the body
      • 13. Using Appendix B as an example, guide the students in making a page for their copybooks or notebooks on blood types and transfusions.


    3. The Human Vermiform Appendix | Answers in Genesis

      • The Human Vermiform Appendix. A General Surgeon’s Reflections. by Warwick Glover on April 1, 1988. Share: Email Using
      • The appendix is thus one of the guardians of the internal environment of the body from the hostile external environment.


    4. What is the appendix used for in humans

      • The appendix is not really needed in the human body, it is just there to help your body with digestion.
      • What do you use your appendix for? The function of the appendix is not known for certain. It has been speculated that they function as an alarm for the immune system.


    5. Where is the appendix on the human body

      • How can you account for the presence of such useless organs in the human body as the appendix and the coccyx? We use the term "vestigial organs" for structures that may have had a purpose at one point in our evolutionary development but no longer seem to suit any purpose.


    6. What is the human appendix

      • The human appendix does not serve any vital function to stay alive. It is said that the appendix was used thousands of years ago when human
      • Where is the appendix located in the human body and what does it do? The issue of the purpose of the appendix remains a matter of considerable debate.


    7. The Easiest Way to Write an Appendix - wikiHow

      • Like the appendix in a human body, an appendix contains information that is supplementary and not strictly necessary to the main body of the writing.
      • The appendix should be titled clearly on the top of the page. Use all capital letters, such as “APPENDIX” or sentence case, such as “Appendix.”


    8. What are appendix use for

      • The human body seems to have no use for such an organ, though it is still with us and is passed on to our children. When it is removed (usually in an emergency procedure known
      • How is the appendix used as evidence for evolution? The appendix serves no essential purpose in human anatomy.


    9. New research suggests the appendix has a purpose after all

      • Scientists, though, have never been certain what the appendix used to do—and if it is still, in fact, useless. On Jan.
      • And it still plays that role, in a limited fashion, in human body function.


    10. Show you the human body were appendix is located

      • Some scientists believe that the appendix is a source of immunologic cells, whereas others believe that the appendix is merely a vestigial organ (and of no use to humans any longer).
      • In Human Anatomy and Physiology. Where in the human body is the appendix located?