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      • So with this set of only 128 characters was published in 1967 as standard
      • ( Dot, full stop ) ASCII code 47 = / ( Slash , forward slash , fraction bar , division slash ) ASCII code 48 = 0 ( number zero...


    2. ASCII chart

      • ascii codes and their escape sequences.
      • common ascii codes to know.


    3. What is ASCII code for 0-9

      • ASCII is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII codes are the 8 bit
      • 57, hex:0071, Octal 0x39 And this means that if you subtract the ASCII character 0 (decimal 48) from the.


    4. ASCII Table and ASCII Code - SysTutorials

      • ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
      • An ASCII code is a 7-bit character code and every ASCII code represents a unique character.


    5. c - Please explain what this code is doing (someChar - 48) - Stack Overflow

      It makes two important assumptions to work properly: The string contains only chars in the '0'..'9' range. The character encoding used is ASCII. In ASCII, '0' == 48, '1' == 49, and so on.


    6. ASCII Table / Extended ASCII Codes

      • ASCII - The American Standard Code for Information Interchange is a standard seven-bit code that was proposed by ANSI in 1963, and finalized in 1968.
      • 0x48. H.


    7. ASCII and EBCDIC table with decimal and hexadecimal values for conversion and transcoding

      • In general we can say that native ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is mostly used for personal computers and Unix systems.
      • 48. C8. I.


    8. 4.1.1 The ASCII Character Set

      • The most widely accepted code is called the American Standard Code for Information
      • Once again, this is NOT the same character as the printable digit character, '0', whose ASCII value is 48.


    9. Таблица символов ASCII

      • Таблица символов ASCII. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange).
      • 46 2E . 47 2F /. 48 30 0.


    10. ASCII Table (Perl & LWP)

      • Appendix F. ASCII Table. Gone are the days when ASCII meant just US-ASCII characters 0-127.
      • Slash, forward slash, stroke, virgule, solidus. 48.