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    1. Did Discovery Channel fake the image in its giant shark documentary? | George Monbiot | Environment | The Guardian

      George Monbiot: Image showing Megalodon swimming past U-boats off Cape Town was doctored. Come clean, or prove me wrong.


    2. Did Discovery Channel Run a Fake Documentary During Shark Week? Network Defends Its Decision to TheBlaze – TheBlaze

      • If you’re now itching to learn a little bit of factual information about megalodon, some of which was presented by the Discovery Channel alongside what many are calling out as fake information, the Florida Museum of Natural History presents some quick facts


    3. Discovery Channel Fake Megalodon Shark Week Documentary | The Mary Sue

      • So did it work? Well, we’re not sure about the ratings just yet, but Megalodon definitely convinced a whole bunch of people that “Submarine” the shark was out there. Discovery Channel even took an onlie poll, knowing full well that it was completely fake...


    4. Discovery Channel Fake Megalodon Documentary - Business Insider

      • This is very similar to another fake documentary, which claimed that Mermaids existed, that aired on Animal Planet a few months ago.
      • Discovery Channel/Megalodon Lives. This disturbing image of a giant whale missing it's tail, which, they say "couldn't have been done by any known shark"... only by...


    5. Discovery Channel defends Shark Week 'Megalodon' special - CNN

      • JUST WATCHED. Did Discovery Channel jump the shark?
      • "Dear discovery channel, your fake documentary that you are trying to pass off as reality is upsetting," tweeted one viewer. "The director of blair witch just tweeted that the #megalodon show is the worst thing he has seen since the blair witch...


    6. Discovery Channel’s Fake Shark Week Documentaries

      Discovery Channel’s Fake Shark Week Documentaries. Waffles. September 11, 2014. In 2013, Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week with a fake documentary on the long-extinct Megalodon, including fake scientists and made-up “sightings.”.


    7. Discovery Channel's Fake Documentaries - Business Insider | Monster sharks and yetis on a supposedly educational channel.

      • Discovery Channel/Megalodon Lives. Despite widespread backlash over fake documentaries, supposedly educational networks
      • The Discovery Channel. … but IMDB reveals that he's actually the slightly less qualified actor Darron Meyer, although he did play a doctor in a 2010 sequel to "Free Willy."


    8. REALLY Shark Week? – From Megalodon to ‘Submarine’, Discovery Channel’s Fake Documentaries Continue | The Insightful Panda

      • I mean who would believe The Discovery Channel would air something knowingly fake. Well, as you can expect people were outraged.
      • Shame on you discovery channel i watched megalodon with my kids we did thipnk it was real because its on DC !


    9. Discovery Channel Provokes Outrage with Fake Shark Week Documentary | TIME.com

      • Discovery is not new to the business of creating fake documentaries claiming to prove the existence of the strange and supernatural, In 2012 , Animal Planet—like the Discovery Channel, part of the vast
      • However, unlike Mermaids, Discovery’s Megalodon does not reveal its fantastical nature.


    10. The Shark Week 2013 Fake Megalodon Lives Documentary Fiasco | Owlcation

      • cryptid 3 years ago from Earth. Sounds like you watched the Discovery Channel fake documentary. It is very entertaining, but fiction.
      • Did Discovery find an entire crew of biologists and get them to fake the whole thing? I find that harder to believe than believing that megalodon is out there.