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  1. Ginetta G40 - Wikipedia

    The Ginetta G40 is a specialist sports car, which has been built by Ginetta Cars since 2010. It is available in two versions; a road-going version, named the G40R, and the race version, the G40, which is available in two specifications; one of which is the G40 Challenge, the other is the G40 Junior...


  2. МКБ 10 - Эпилепсия (G40)

    • G40.1. Локализованная (фокальная) (парциальная) симптоматическая эпилепсия и эпилептические синдромы с простыми парциальными припадками.


  3. Genesis G40 SDR Radio Transceiver QRP Kit

    • GENESIS G40: 40m All-mode 5W SDR Radio Transceiver KIT. KIT Building: The ultimate joy of building one's own amateur radio equipment.


  4. Toshiba Qosmio G40 - мощный универсальный ноутбук высшей ценовой категории

    • Не стала исключением и новая модель, Qosmio G40. посмотрим внимательнее, что она может предложить покупателю.


  5. Category:G40 - ThinkWiki

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    • ThinkPad G40, G41 - Hardware Maintenance Manual (October 2005) (4,017,563 Bytes).


  6. Volkswagen Polo G40 - Wikipedia

    The Volkswagen Polo Mk2 and Polo Mk2F were available as supercharged G40 models - called the Volkswagen Polo G40 (sometimes also called Volkswagen Polo GT G40, Volkswagen Polo G-40, or simply Volkswagen Polo G)...


  7. G40 - Wikipedia

    G40, G-40 or G.40 may refer to: In transportation. G40 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway in China. a model of the Volkswagen Polo automobile. In military. Gloster E.28/39, also known as the Gloster G.40, a United Kingdom jet developed during World War II.


  8. G40 Эпилепсия

    • G40.7 Малые припадки [petit mal] неуточненные без припадков grand mal. G40.8 Другие уточненные формы эпилепсии. G40.9 Эпилепсия неуточненная.


  9. Arista 40G Cabling and Transceivers: Q&A

    • Q. What 40G cables and transceivers are available from Arista? A. Arista supports a full range of both copper cables and optical transceivers for 40GbE, compliant to the IEEE standards.


  10. GLOCK USA | + Introducing the All New G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration

    • The G40 Gen4 in MOS is a powerful yet easily carried pistol for the outdoorsman, hunter and sport shooter. Designed to give the handgun hunter the ultimate choice in...