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  1. GOEX, Inc. Black Powder

    • Those who love history and muzzleloading rely on the quality and tradition of Goex, the only American made black powder.
    • ©2014 GOEX Powder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  2. GOEX Black Powder

    • GOEX Black Powder is available in different granulation sizes to maximize performance in the specific gun you
    • FFg (or 2Fg): Muskets, Shotgun, Rifles 50 caliber and up, Cartridge, and large bore Pistols.


  3. Black Powder Conversions

    • Chart 1 converts weights of Black Powder (Goex FFg) to volume equivalent weights of American Pioneer Powder FFg, Hodgdon 777 FFg, Goex Pinnacle FFg and FFFg and Pyrodex RS.


  4. Muzzleloaders / Ballistics | Goex FFFg

    • Powder. Grains Volume. Bullet Type and Weight. Velocity. Goex FFFg.
    • Goex FFg. 80 grains. 220 grain Conical Bullet. 1500 fps. .50 Caliber Rifled Muzzleloader


  5. Goex Fffg Powder - My Blog

    • Black powder goex olde eynsford skirmish swiss schuetzen and kik black powder prices shown are
    • Im shooting two tc flintlocks renigade 54 cal and a hawkens 50 cal can i use both fffg and ffg powder...


  6. Goex Fffg Powder

    • Images for Goex Fffg Powder
    • ... goex black powder ffffg fffg muzzle loading dry box 2 brass powder s3.amazonaws.com
    • Goex Express has been discontinued, but I still have some FFg, so I ... www.curtrich.com


  7. Ffg Goex Black Powder

    • Ffg Goex Black Powder. Author Posted on July 4, 2017.
    • Goex Black Ffg Powder GOEX, Olde Eynsford, Skirmish, Swiss, Schuetzen and KIK black powder.


  8. Black Powder: GOEX - USA, SWISS - Switzerland - Track of the Wolf

    • GOEX brand American made black powder is our most popular brand, by far. Made in sporting grades Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFg, and Cannon grades.


  9. Black Powder: GOEX - USA, SWISS - Switzerland - Track of the Wolf

    • Black powder, GOEX, 1 pound, made in the USA, 4Fg extra fine granulation for priming flint locks.
    • Order one (1) pound of FFFFg priming powder per 24 pounds of Fg, FFg, or FFFg for flint guns.


  10. Muzzle Loading Shotgun Propellants: Black Powder Subsitutes - Muzzle Loading Shotguns

    • A three dram volumetric charge of Goex Pinnacle FFg or Pyrodex RS is very close in performance to three drams of Goex FFg black powder.