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    1. Hodgdon Triple Seven Black Powder Substitute FFg 1 lb - MPN: HODT72-01

      • 1013083060 Hodgdon Triple Seven granular powders leave no sulfur odor and leave less residue in the barrel for much easier cleaning. It produces the...


    2. haitao.hujiahui.com/j?t=https://www.amazon.co.jp?tag=adiemar100043-22

      • THERMOS膳魔师FFG-601 两用保温保冷杯 米菲兔款.


    3. Black Powder Conversions

      • Volume 777 FFg weighs 73.3 gr. But powder scales measure weight. Chart 1 converts weights of Black Powder (Goex FFg) to volume equivalent weights of American Pioneer Powder FFg, Hodgdon...


    4. What is the best use for ffg powder

      • What is the maximum safe load to use in a modern muzzle loading 10 gauge shotgun using lead shot and FFg black powder?


    5. How much ffg powder load for a 44 caliber black powder revolver | fill it all the way up get 1000 fps no worry about blowing up.

      • FFg black powder in a 44 caliber pistol? 2F powder can be used in a pistol or revolver but due to the larger granule size and consequent space between the grains it is less effective and less reliable than...


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    7. Which type of powder causes more pressure. Fg FFg or FFFg – Kgb Answers

      • Fg FFg or FFFg. It's the FFFg because the more F’s the finer, smaller the grain size and the faster the powder will burn and the higher pressure it creates in your barrel.


    8. What Powder Should You Use?

      • Black Powder is normally graded as Fg (coarse grain), FFg (medium grain) and FFFg (fine grain).
      • You have a 54 caliber Hawken rifle, and are using FFg powder.


    9. Welcome to American Pioneer Powder

      • Caliber. Powder Charge by Volume. .Projectile Weight. Velocity. .45 caliber. 100 grains of FFG Powder.


    10. Namlhunt.com-Blog - North america's no. 1 muzzleloading website!