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    1. javascript - When is a Google Maps API key required? - Stack Overflow

      Sounds like you're running v2~ time to upgrade, or get a key for the domain you want to run it on: Google Maps V2 API Key Request.


    2. Google Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

      • Activate the Google Maps JavaScript API. To get you started we'll guide you through the...
      • Activate the Google Maps JavaScript API and related services
      • Create appropriate keys


    3. What's the API Key for in Google Maps API V3? - Stack Overflow

      • V3 of the Google Maps API does not require an API key. So you're good to go. Edit: In the time since I answered this question Google released support for API keys in v3, letting you see usage of your API site in Google's developer console.


    4. Getting Started | Google Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

      • Note: Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers may use either an API key or a valid client ID when loading the API.
      • We recommend loading the Maps JavaScript API over HTTPS using the <script> tag provided above. If required, you can load the Maps JavaScript API over HTTP by requesting http...


    5. Google Maps API V 3 - Tutorial - w3resource | Obtaining an API Key

      • Using an API key all Maps API applications load the maps. The API key is free, but Google monitor your application's Maps API usage and if it exceeds the usage limits, you must purchase additional quota.


    6. Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys - Stack Overflow

      • I've been using Google Maps API v3 for some time without an API key, and it worked well.
      • In the Google documentation I can only see the different ways to obtain a key, but there is no indication if it's required or not.


    7. Millions of websites and apps use Google Maps APIs to power location experiences for their users.

      • Lyft uses Google Maps APIs to improve rider experience through more efficient pickups and a better drop-off experience. Plus, with the most up-to-date location data and global coverage, riders are able to book a ride faster and easier.


    8. javascript - Google Maps V3 API Key Invalid - but my personal dev key works - Stack Overflow

      • When using the company API key the map loads and then very quickly I get an alert box which reads: "Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application.
      • V3 doesn't require keys for most things.


    9. Google Maps Android API | Google Developers

      • Activate the Google Maps Android API
      • Create appropriate keys
      • Click "Get a Key" to create a project on the Google API Console, activate the Google Maps...


    10. Get API Key | Google Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

      • Activate the Google Maps JavaScript API and related services. Create appropriate keys.
      • In the left-hand menu, click Maps: Manage Client ID. You can add up to 100 URLs at a time, to a total of 3000 URLs. If you require higher limits, please contact support.