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    1. How do you say during the week in spanish

      • How do you say 2 weeks ago in French and Spanish? Answer 1 - Spanish if you want to talk about time and stuff it would be: Hace dos semanas... which translates to it has been two weeks.


    2. How to say 'will' in French | je te vois demain I'll see you tomorrow on se voit mardi we'll see each other on Tuesday on s'appelle dans la semaine we'll ring each other during the week

      • How to say 'my' in French. Possessives ('my', 'your' etc).
      • you will often find... on trouve souvent... he will sometimes work weekends ça lui arrive de travailler les week-ends Suggest a change / proposez une modification.


    3. 3 Ways to Write the Date in French - wikiHow | Ask for the day of the week. To ask for the day of the week, say Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd’hui? or Quel jour est-on aujourd’hui?[6]

      • Refer to the list above to learn the days of the week in French, along with how they are pronounced.[3] Note that the days of the week are not capitalized in French.
      • Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. How do I say "welcome" in French? wikiHow Contributor. "Bienvenue."


    4. How to Say the Days of the Week in French | Howcast - The best how-to videos on the web

      • How to Say "Welcome Back" in French.
      • In the Francophone world, the first day of the week is Monday. Lundi.


    5. Days in French

      • How to say the Days in French. Here are the days of the week...
      • Seasons in French. Officially spring is during the months of March, April and May in France. Summer is from June through to August.


    6. grammaire - How to formally write a sentence in order to say that I am avaiable during a certain week for an interview - French Language Stack Exchange

      Réponse à la question : Dire. "Je suis disponible (la semaine du 18 juillet)". Est plus commun et direct que la forme négative. "Je n'ai aucune contrainte ...". NB : Si le mail concerne quelque chose d'important...


    7. How do you say 'during the day' in French? Here's a list of phrases you may be looking for.

      • Names. How to say 'during the day' in French.
      • How do you pronounce the French phrase au cours de la journée? Voir aussi. Comment dit-on during the day en français?


    8. How to Say the Date in French - Le or no Le ? - Learn French

      • Before I start my grammatical explanation on how to say the date in French, if what you were interested was “datING in French”, go to the end of this article!
      • 1 – When You Use the Day of the Week in Your Date. In French, use the construction: DAY + NUMBER + MONTH + YEAR (not le).


    9. Numbers in French

      • How to say numbers in French. You can use this tool to find out how to spell out numbers in French. At present, the tool works with whole numbers. You can enter both positive and negative numbers with a magnitude of up to one billion.


    10. How to say during in french

      • Learn french how to say in french.
      • During in french is pendant. The meaning and definition indicated above are indicative not be used for medical and legal purposes.