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    1. iCloud troubleshooting - Apple Support | After I sign in with my Apple ID, I'm prompted to enter additional information.

      • Also, be sure to generate new app-specific passwords for any third-party apps that might use your Apple ID. For example, any mail services not provided by Apple that you use with iCloud email.


    2. Restore iCloud ID (find Apple ID) iPhone, iPad iPod by SN ONLINE

      • The service allows you to get information on what email address was registered account iCloud service for example if you have forgotten your Apple ID (user name only, without a password) or test questions to him if they were given the owner of the device (but without the answers to the test questions).


    3. Can I Create iCloud/Apple ID Account without pr... | Official Apple Support Communities

      • Your Apple ID must be a full email address [in the context of creating an iCloud account] (e.g. [email protected]) in order to sign up for an iCloud account. You can change your existing Apple ID to be in the format of an email address if it is not already at appleid.apple.com.


    4. Забыл пароль от iCloud (Apple ID) — как быть и что делать?

      Доброго времени! Просто огромное количество вопросов поступает как на электронную почту, так и в комментарии к статьям на тему забытого (потерянного, кем-то измененного и т.д.) электронного ящика...


    5. Apple iCloud ID Finder and Removal | IMEI Phone Unlock: Official Factory Unlock iPhone 4 5 6 SE 7

      • For free, every Apple ID product owner is given 5 free GB of storage. In addition to this free service, there are multiple options to increase the amount of storage you have on the iCloud. For example, for $0.99 a month, you can expand your storage 10 times to 50 GB.


    6. How to Change an Apple ID & iCloud Account in Mac OS X

      • For example, your personal Mac user account could use one Apple ID associated with your iCloud and iOS devices, while your spouses user account could use a completely different Apple ID that is associated with their iPhone. In fact, it’s a really good idea to keep Apple ID’s and user accounts...


    7. C 16-ого июля 2012 года открылась регистрация почты на домене icloud.com (@icloud.com).

      • Может быть есть способ удалить почту @icloud.com привязанную к AppleID и после этого создать новую
      • У Вас одинаковый Apple ID и iCloud? Если так, то перейдите по ссылке https
      • Здравствуйте , я недавно приобрела iPad Air при включении создала ID @example.com , далее...


    8. How To Create An Apple ID (Apple Account) For Your iPad, iPhone And MacBook Pro

      • After setting up a free 5GB Cloud Storage Apple Account (shown below) you can then use its APPLE ID (User Name & Password) to gain access to the iTunes Store (to purchase online music for example) and use iCloud features (such as downloading apps from the App Store and synchronising Notes...


    9. iOS 8 tip: iCloud, my husband and me—one Apple ID or two? | here's the thing

      • But depending on how you want iCloud to work for you and your husband, Family Sharing may not be right for you. When my wife and I shared a single Apple ID, for example, her iPhone photos were automatically backed up onto iPhoto on my Mac via Photo Stream.


    10. Fake iCloud scam site wants your Apple ID and password | CIO

      • Inputting any username and password to login to the phishing site – even something like [email protected] and password – returns a message that the account is
      • If you are ever in doubt about the status of your Apple ID, iCloud account, etc. make sure that you go directly to Apple’s sites.