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    1. What to do when there is not enough iCloud storage to backup your iPhone

      • I use it to backup everything iCloud backs up, plus my tweaks.
      • Nayeli Lopez. I bought an extra 20GB (25GB total) for iCloud and am not even half way, why am I still not having “enough storage space” if I only have 12GB used.


    2. “iCloud Backup Failed.There was a problem enabling iCloud Backup.” - AppleToolBox

      • Still no iCloud backup possible (for 4 weeks) with my iPhone6 running iOS 9.1(and iTunes Popup still says “Not Enough Storage”, latest backup “Never”.
      • My old backup isn’t showing up on the list of backups but it’s taking up the space on iCloud.


    3. Solved - Windows Backup Failed Not Enough Disk Space with 0x80780119 Code

      When creating a system image, you may meet Windows backup failed not enough disk space issue with 0x80780119 code in Windows 7/8/10. Try the solutions below.


    4. How to Fix iCloud Backup Failed Issues

      • Case 1 There's Not Enough iCloud Storage You may be prompted with a message "iPhone Backup Failed. You do not have enough space in iCloud to backup this iPhone".


    5. Not Enough Storage on iCloud | Can You Recover iCloud Backup after Deleting It to Free up Storage Space?

      • 2. You may get some error message since iCloud usually fail to backup your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer when it has not enough available storage space. Those error messages include, "The last backup could not be completed", "iCloud backup failed...


    6. Not Enough iCloud Storage iCloud Backup Last Updated: Sep. 13, 2017

      • Once your iCloud says there is not enough storage for iPhone or iPad, you are in a loop because it will repeat the alert like "iPhone backup failed" and "You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up this iPhone.


    7. iCloud storage full: "Not Enough Storage". Backups exceed 5GB - Ask Different

      • Last backup failed. An additional 5 GB of storage is required. To continue backing up this iPhone do one of the following
      • iCloud has space but iCloud Backup says that I don't have enough to complete a backup. 1.


    8. Fix “the last backup could not be completed” iOS iCloud Backup Error

      • Now I’m unable to turn iCloud back on, I get the error msg “iCloud backup failed”. It just keeps me in this endless loop..
      • Since I only have 5 GB of iCloud storage, there was not enough storage space for the new backup.


    9. Can’t Backup to iCloud – Not Enough Storage | But I do have enough space!

      • If there is enough storage space to back up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud, it may be another issue. After the iOS 9 update, the number of iPhone, iPad users unable to backup to iCloud rose by a sufficient amount. Why was this?


    10. icloud backup failed not enough space - Информационно-поисковая База crmonline.kz

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