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    1. ios - iPhone 6 (Plus) screen size - Stack Overflow

      When there is no correct launch images set, the app will run like on iPhone 5/5S, that's why you are having these confusing results while logging. iPhone 6 screen size is 375x667 px scale x2, iPhone 6+ 414x736 px scale x3.


    2. iPhone 6 Screen Size and Mobile Design Tips - Updated for iPhone 8 & X!

      • The iPhone 6 screen size is both wider and taller and the iPhone 6 Plus also has a higher pixel density. This is an update to my previous post about designing websites for the iPhone 5. It’ll cover these new screen sizes and try to clarify how this all works.


    3. Screen Size Is Not Phone Size

      • Above you'll see the Nexus 6 (5.96-inch screen), the Galaxy Note 4 (5.7 inch screen) and the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch screen), and although their screen sizes vary by up to half an inch—that's a lot for a phone!—they're all roughly the same size.


    4. Video: iPhone 6 Plus screen size: Is it too big? - Telegraph

      • The iPhone 6 Plus, which boasts a longer battery life (12 hours of 3G browsing vs 8 hours with an iPhone 5), a better camera and the highest ever iPhone screen resolution, is released on September 19.


    5. iPhone 6 Screens Demystified

      • a iPhone 6 Plus downsamples the rendered image before displaying it on screen.
      • In other words the image is scaled down to approximately 87% of its original size. 23 pixels 20 pixels Original iPhone 3.5″ iPhone 5 4″ iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ Hypothetical Perfect 3× Display ???


    6. Actual size of iPhone 6 Plus

      • Check actual size /. iPhone 6 Plus. Actual size of iPhone 6 Plus. screen-size:5.5Inch (139.7mm).


    7. What is the iPhone 6 Plus screen resolution / size? | The iPhone FAQ

      • The iPhone 6 Plus screen size is 5.5-inch diagonal, compared to the iPhone 6 at 4.7 inches. Resolution on the iPhone 6 Plus clocks 1920 x 1080 pixels, which Apple dubs the Retina display HD.


    8. Apple cheated in the iPhone 6 Plus screen size display

      • Button 44 height point will be the same size as the screen of the old iPhone 3G, and screen new “Six” – approximately 7 millimeters.
      • Only in this case, the elements of the system interface and applications will retain their usual size. iPhone 6 Plus Resolution.


    9. iPhone 6 Plus screen.width? | Unity Community

      • Supporting New Screen Scales The iPhone 6 Plus uses a new Retina HD display with a very high DPI screen. To support this resolution, iPhone 6 Plus creates a UIScreen object with a screen size of 414 x 736 points and a screen scale of 3.0 (1242 x 2208 pixels).


    10. Preparing for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes | ReignDesign | Blog

      • Now we have two new screen sizes to contend with. The iPhone 6 is an effective 375×667@2x, both wider and taller than the iPhone 5 family. The iPhone 6 Plus's screen is a weird beast.