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    1. JavaScript Date Formats

      • Function Definitions Function Parameters Function Invocation Function Call Function Apply Function Closures.
      • JavaScript will accept date strings in "full JavaScript format": Example. var d = new Date("Wed Mar 25 2015 09:56:24 GMT+0100 (W. Europe Standard Time)")


    2. JavaScript Toolbox - Date Formatting And Format Validation Functions

      • JavascriptToolbox.com Now Available! Almost all of my javascript code has been moved over to its new home at The Javascript Toolbox.
      • Description: These functions are very useful when dealing with any type of date fields. They use the same format strings as the java.text.SimpleDateFormat...


    3. A simple formatDate function for JavaScript - Rick Strahl's Web Log

      • JavaScript lacks unfortunately built in string formatting functionality. Here is a .formatDate function that provides basic dateformatting for displaying digit based date strings (ie.
      • var str = date.formatDate("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm") + cr +.


    4. jQuery DATETIME Functions - Complete Listing — SitePoint

      • Date/Time jQuery functions, all you will ever need including get date, convert date, valid date, string to date, leap year, compare date, format date, timezone.
      • param {Date} date JavaScript date object * @param {String} format Date format string * @returns {String} */ format: function() { var date...


    5. datetime - Where can I find documentation on formatting a date in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

      • I noticed that JavaScript's new Date() function is very smart in accepting dates in several formats.
      • Today, I played with the toString() method on the date object and surprisingly it serves the purpose of formatting date to strings.


    6. PHP date_format() Function

      • The date_format() function returns a date formatted according to the specified format.
      • Returns the formatted date as a string. FALSE on failure.
      • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and XML.


    7. javascript - Get String in YYYYMMDD format from JS date object? - Stack Overflow

      Altered piece of code I often use: Date.prototype.yyyymmdd = function() { var mm = this.getMonth() + 1; // getMonth() is zero-based var dd = this.getDate(); Return [this.getFullYear(), (mm>9 ? '' :


    8. c# - Use of String.Format in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

      • It Works great, just like the .NET string class, including trim functions, endsWith/startsWith, etc. P.S. - I left all of the Visual Studio JavaScript IntelliSense
      • But also more advanced numberic formatting and date formatting like: StringFormat.format("Duke's Birthday: %1$tA %1$te %1$tB, %1$tY", [new...


    9. JavaScript Date.format | Jacob Wright

      • This was developed to allow for the formatting of dates in JavaScript and ActionScript like PHP can do. I actually just took the documentation from the PHP date function and went
      • Using it is simple, but you may need to refer to the available format string options often to remember how to use it.


    10. VBScript Functions | String Functions

      • Format Functions. Function. Description. FormatCurrency. Returns an expression formatted as a currency value.
      • Returns the largest subscript for the indicated dimension of an array. String Functions.
      • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and XML.