Инвестирование средств пенсионных накоплений в ...


Legislation sets difficult requirements for non-state pension funds accepted to ... or to liquidate: those working in the system of mandatory pension insurance ... the evaluation of long-term profitability from investing accumulated pension capital.

IMF Terminology -- A Multilingual Directory; Russian; 2016


accrued to the date of liquidation. [AA] ... accumulated depreciation ..... Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund .... autonomous pension fund.

Глоссарий ЕБРР по проектному финансированию EBRD ...


retirement benefits актуарное допущение .... амортизационный фонд sinking fund; accumulated depreciation; .... administration; liquidation арбитражные ...

Minimum wage increase in Lithuania - bnt attorneys-at-law


14 июл 2016 ... ... not operating or undergoing bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings as ... entities pay additional contributions for cumulative pension funds at ...

5) на возврат уплаченного подоходного налога из бюджета или ...


are carried out by accumulative pension resident funds ... incomes from excess of the sum of deductions in fund of liquidation of consequences of working out of ...

русско-английский и англо-русский глоссарий по корпоративному ...


Bankrupt. Банкротство. Bankruptcy. Бедственное финансовое положение. Financial Distress. Без дивидендов ..... Pension Asset Management Companies. Компенсация ... Cumulative Dividend .... Mutual Investment Fund (MIF), Unit Trust.

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Shortfall forced the Russian Pension Fund (RPF) to speak with the special ..... by the way, about the size of the accumulated delay banks obliged to report not .... a special guide on what to do If your retail trade object is closed or liquidated?

Yulia Tymoshenko: Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) Party


1 сен 2013 ... Pension and state salary debts were paid that been accumulated during the economic .... For example, to compensate citizens who had held funds in the former Soviet .... We will liquidate the tax police which torment business.

Глоссарий венчурного предпринимательства 2009


Accumulated Earnings Tax .... Fund. Alternative Investment Market (AIM). «рынок альтернативных инвестиций» .... См. Liquidation, Net Assets, Preferred.

Методологические пояснения


The average fixed monthly pension is determined by dividing the total sum of the fixed pensions by the number of pensioners (data of Pension Fund of the .... and services intended for the final consumption, accumulation and net exports. ... put into effect, which were not re-registered and not liquidated in the approved order.

Licensing to voluntary liquidation of accumulative pension fund


5. The delivery-acceptance certificate of pension assets and obligations of service recipient under contracts on provision of pensions at the expense of voluntary pension contributions signed by the first principals of service recipient, uniform accumulative pension fund...

4_system of guaranty of banking deposits: practice and tendency...


The creditors of accumulative pension fund during liquidation are the persons, who have (to accumulative pension fund to be liquidated) property requirements, coming from civil-legal and other liabilities.

Pension Reforms


The funds of the Guarantee Foundation ensuring the refund of the accumulative pension funds are formed from lump-sum payments made by pension fund managers, periodic payments made from fund assets (0.02% of assets annually), as well as income received from their management and other...

AFN of Kazakhstan characterized the republic's accumulative ...


69 "On approval of Rules of mandatory liquidation of accumulative pension funds, and transfer of assets managed by to-be-liquidated pension fund to another accumulative pension fund and details on creation and activities of creditors committee of self-liquidated accumulative pension...

TfL Pension Fund - Transport for London


I am pleased to welcome you to the TfL Pension Fund website. You will find it contains a comprehensive range of information about the Fund and the benefits it provides to its members, as well as details to contact the Pension Fund Office.

New York Education - Article 11 - § 517 Annuity Reserve Fund...


2. The pension accumulation fund shall be the fund in which shall be accumulated all reserves for the payment of all benefits with the exception of the annuities provided by the accumulated contributions of members...

Repeal of pension fund ordinance -- Disposition of funds.


at the time of adoption of a repeal ordinance shall revert back to the city's general fund. All other unexpended moneys or property which has come into the said pension fund's hands shall be liquidated by said board of trustees in the following manner...

Translation from Russian | ON NONSTATE PENSION FUNDS


Collective pension agreement: An agreement signed between the employer and the Fund on inclusion of employees in the Fund’s pension plan

Chapter 8. Organization of Accumulative Pension Funds


Pension Payments from Accumulative Pension Funds. 1. Individuals having pension accumulations on personified pension.

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Pension Provision...


1. Accumulative pension funds shall establish pension rulesincluding: 1) procedure for changing or discontinuation of the pension contract


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