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  1. Partner Ab Exercises | LIVESTRONG.COM | 4. Medicine Ball Sit-Up and Toss

    • Read More: Partner Medicine Ball Exercises.
    • Ab Wheel Exercise Routine. Lower Ab Exercises With a Stability Ball. How to Use an Ab Slide Correctly. Bootcamp Partner Workouts.


  2. Core Exercises: 10 Medicine Ball Moves for Strong Abs | Greatist

    • 4. Med Ball Woodchopper. Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, holding medicine ball with both hands. Bring ball up and to the left on a diagonal so arms are fully extended.
    • 12 Sandbag Exercises That Work Twice As Many Muscles in Half the Time.


  3. 4 Medicine Ball Exercises for Six Pack Abs | Muscle & Fitness

    • 4 Medicine Ball Exercises for Shredded Abs. Hit your abs from all angles with these stomach sculpting moves. by Mehmet Edip.
    • Slowly twist to one side and pass the ball off to your partner.


  4. Best Medicine Ball Ab Workouts and Exercises You Must Try

    • Top Medicine Ball Abs Workouts & Exercises.
    • Medicine Ball Ab Workout With Partner. What can be better and more efficient than working out with your best friend or a powerful workout buddy.


  5. Partner Abdominal Exercises to Relieve Ab Workout Boredom

    • Partner Abdominal Exercises: Medicine Ball Sit Ups with a Toss. This is an advanced ab exercise. You should be able to do a complete set of 10-15 sit ups without the medicine ball before you attempt this exercise.


  6. Buddy Up With These 11 Exercises You Can Do With a Partner | LIVESTRONG.COM

    • ... 5 medicine-ball twist passes. The twisting movement of the ball pass works the obliques and abs.
    • Partner Ab Exercises. Commitment-Phobia Warning Signs. How to Date a Man Who Is Grieving the Loss of His Wife.


  7. Medicine Ball Ab Workout

    • Supplement your ab machines routine with some medicine ball exercises given below.
    • Ask your partner to sit in a similar fashion. Hold the ball just over your thighs with both hands.
    • Medicine Ball Workouts for Women. Best Lower Abdominal Exercises.


  8. Partner Exercises: 29 Moves to Do With a Friend | Greatist

    • In partnership with.
    • Hold this position throughout the exercise. Partner A should hold the medicine ball at chest and rotating from the upper torso, hand the ball to Partner B over left side.


  9. How to Use a Medicine Ball for Sit-Ups - Woman | Ab Exercises With a 5 Pound Weighted Exercise Ball

    • You can use a medicine ball to provide resistance for situps, which strengthens your outer abdominal muscles. You can do these exercises by yourself or with a workout partner.
    • MMA Conditioning Techniques Using a Medicine Ball. Ab Exercises With a 5 Pound Weighted Exercise Ball.


  10. Ab Exercises > Russian Twist, Medicine Ball | WorkoutBOX

    • It comprises of multiple movements and requires good balance, established core strength and coordination. Below you'll find a video guide and step by step instructions that describes the correct technique for the Russian twist with medicine ball exercise.