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    1. Combinatoric 'N choose R' in java math? - Stack Overflow

      The apache-commons "Math" supports this: Math3.Utils.CombinatoricsUtils.


    2. R: Special Functions of Mathematics

      • The functions choose and lchoose return binomial coefficients and the logarithms of their absolute values. Note that choose(n, k) is defined for all real numbers n and integer k. For k ≥ 1 it is defined as n(n-1)…(n-k+1) / k!, as 1 for k = 0 and as 0 for negative k...


    3. n choose k function in r - Информационно-поисковая База Zhetysu-gov.kz

      • В R очень много разных полезных функций. .... быстрое преобразование Фурье; choose(n, k) — количество сочетаний; rank(x). choose(n,k) = choose(n-1, k)+choose(n-1,k-1). I implemented in R and Fortran 90 the same algorithm (code follows).


    4. Free N choose K Calculator Online | [email protected]

      • In the same way n choose k Calculator finds the combination of choosing k items in n no of items. where n = total no of items k = no of items chosen.


    5. probability - Prove that $\sum_{k=0}^r {m \choose k} {n \choose r-k} = {m+n \choose r}$ - Mathematics Stack Exchange

      • ways, or you can first choose a subset of size $k$ of $m$ and then a subset of size $r-k$ of $n$. And you can do this for $k=0,1,\ldots,r$ in.


    6. probability - Proving Pascal's Rule : ${{n} \choose {r}}={{n-1} \choose {r-1}}+{{n-1} \choose r}$ when $1\leq r\leq n$ - Mathematics Stack Exchange

      • Similarly, the number of ways of having no red balls is to choose all the balls as blue balls which can be done in $C(n-1,r)$ ways. These are the only two cases and these are mutually exclusive and hence the total number of ways is $C(n-1,r-1)+C(n-1,r)$.


    7. n choose k in r - Информационно-поисковая База Zhetysu-gov.kz

      • Make french n choose k function in r Those few positive words might not sound very encouraging, but actually they are very powerful! Many people believe that crop circles are k made choose function in r n by extra-terrestrials.


    8. combinatorics - Number of combinations (N choose R) in C++ - Stack Overflow

      • A nice way to implement n-choose-k is to base it not on factorial, but on a "rising product" function which is closely related to the factorial.
      • In spite of that, this n-choose-k implementation has a simple structure that is easy to follow.


    9. combinatorics - why is ${n+1\choose k} = {n\choose k} + {n\choose k-1}$? - Mathematics Stack Exchange

      Here's how: first make a list of all ways to choose $k$ out of the original $n$ objects. That's a partial list. All of its items exclude the "new" object. It has $\dbinom nk$ items. Then take the list you already had, of all ways to pick $k-1$ out of those $n$.


    10. c++ - Fast n choose k mod p for large n? - Stack Overflow

      EDIT: There is one more optimization that can be added to the solution above - instead of computing the inverse number of each multiple in k!, we can compute k!(mod p) and then compute the inverse of that number.