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    1. What does A/N mean? - A/N Definition - Meaning of A/N - InternetSlang.com

      • What does A/N mean? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of A/N (A/N acronym/abbreviation/slang word). Ever wondered what A/N means?


    2. expressions - N'importe quoi: What does it mean and how is it used? - French Language Stack Exchange

      Meaning. — What do you want to eat? — Whatever. — Do you want to sit at the rear or at the front? — I don't mind. What a nonsense. As suggested by RomainVALERI in the comments, n'importe quoi can also be used for pointing out how nonsensical / shameful something is.


    3. What do the letters R, Q, N, and Z mean in math? | eNotes

      • If the set is N^*, that means that the 0 value does not belong to the set. We could also write as: N^* = n - {0}.


    4. Java - What does "\n" mean? - Stack Overflow

      • Java - What does “\n” mean? [duplicate]. Ask Question.
      • What does TSA mean by "pivot point" when talking about shears/scissors in carry-on luggage? For a head of a palace guard (staying mainly inside the palace), is an estoc a realistic weapon of choice?


    5. What do 2/10, n/30 invoice terms mean? - Accounting Questions & Answers (Q&A)

      • The term 2/10, n/30 is a typical credit term and means the following
      • "n/30" states that if the buyer does not pay the (full) invoice amount within the 10 days to qualify for the discount, then the net amount is due within 30 days after the sales invoice date.


    6. What does \n and \t mean? - Java - Codecall | Forum

      • This is just a little snip from a program and i know from looking at the program that one might cause a line break but im not sure, what exactly do they mean and how did they use them?


    7. What does 'if N doubles, so does the running time' mean? - Quora

      • "Also what does it mean, if N doubles, running time increases fourfold". If it's true for any value of n, the algorithm is O(n^2) or order n-squared. For example, this would be true of an algorithm that compares every element of a square two-dimensional array of side N, to every other element of that array, via...


    8. I see it in a lot of posts. What does it mean?

      • What does n=1 mean?
      • "n" does imply that there is actually a study or experiment going on though. Many “n=1” anecdotes are often not even a rudimentary experiments of “I tried A, and I tried B, and A worked best.”


    9. What does 4n+2 mean? — Master Organic Chemistry

      • What does 4n+2 mean? by James. in Aromaticity, Organic Chemistry 2.
      • How do you find n?” Teachable moment! “n” is not a characteristic of the molecule! Let me explain. In order for a molecule to be aromatic, it has to have the following characteristics


    10. What does N+1 redundancy mean?

      N+1 redundancy is a formula to express that every component should have an independent backup that can take over in the event of a failure.