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    1. Opiate - Wikipedia

      Opiate is a term classically used in pharmacology to mean a drug derived from opium. Opioid, a more modern term, is used to designate all substances, both natural and synthetic, that bind to opioid receptors in the brain (including antagonists).


    2. Opiates

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    3. Opiates - definition of opiates by The Free Dictionary

      • Define opiates. opiates synonyms, opiates pronunciation, opiates translation, English dictionary definition of opiates. n. 1. Any of various analgesic, narcotic drugs derived from the opium poppy...


    4. Opiate

      What are opiates? In medical classification, the group of drugs called “opiates” includes any narcotic opioid alkaloid found as a natural product of the opium poppy plant (lat. papaver somniferum).


    5. Opiates - Opiate.com

      • These drugs contain no opium or opiate derivatives but they have a similar effect as opiates.
      • Semi-synthetic opiates are not naturally occurring substances but they do include opiate derivatives.


    6. What are Opiates? (with pictures)

      • Opiates are a group of narcotics that contain opium or a natural or synthetic derivative of opium. The effects of opiates include...


    7. Opiate Withdrawal Timelines, Symptoms and Treatment

      • What Are Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?
      • Opiates change the way the brain responds to pain stimuli and can also produce a “high” feeling by disrupting the reward and pleasure centers in the brain.


    8. Opiate | Definition of Opiate by Merriam-Webster

      • The devices can undo the effects of an opiate overdose almost immediately and are identical to those used by officers in many of the country’s law enforcement agencies.


    9. Opioid - Wikipedia

      • The term "opioid" originated in the 1950s.[147] It combines "opium" + "-oid" meaning "opiate-like" ("opiates" being morphine and similar drugs derived from opium).


    10. Erowid Opiates Vault : Information about opiates, opium, codeine, and heroin in drug tests.

      • Opiates are one of the "SAMHSA-5".
      • Codeine breaks down into morphine. The opiate drug tests look for codeine, morphine, and 6-acetyl-morphine.