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    1. Scary Reddit Ghost Stories, Paranormal Experiences

      • Naturally, people have taken to Reddit to share their creepiest ghost stories and unexplainable, sometimes paranormal, life experiences.
      • Scroll down and read through seven of the scariest real-life stories we found on Reddit.


    2. Reddit Scary Stories, Paranormal Experiences Real Life

      • 9 Of The Spookiest Real-Life Ghost Stories On Reddit.
      • Whether or not you thought 2016 was actually a scary year, we now have evidence that, at the very least, some people had a pretty spooky time.


    3. 6 Real Life Scary Stories Told By Reddit Users : Moustache Magazine

      • I decided to venture into the world of Reddit, as I was sick of seeing #mnb hashtags all over my social media. For some unusual reason, the first thought that came to mind when I got onto the social news website was looking up true scary stories (paranormal or otherwise) that have been posted.


    4. True Stories of Creepy Encounters

      • We know, it was really, really scary, and you don't want to ever meet them again.
      • 1) Absolutely no fiction or paranormal stories. Real, in-person encounters with the living only.
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      • MediumDid Vince Vaughn save my life? (self.LetsNotMeet). submitted 9 days ago by sevo1977.


    5. [Serious] Reddit, what's your most disturbing, scary or creepy true story? : AskReddit

      • ...really brief, really intense period of lucid dreaming that feels even more real than real life, if that
      • Edit: someone stole my reddit gold virginity! I don't know what reddit gold is very much, but I told
      • Probably just my entire life would count as a disturbing, scary story. My mother and grandmother...


    6. Reddit Scary Stories, Paranormal Experiences Real Life - Trendy Fashion Tips

      • Even my sister, who lives together with her, mentioned she’d by no means made that face earlier than. But, we simply laughed it off and my sister requested in a really not-serious voice, ‘Can you give us an indication that you simply’re actually our grandmother?’


    7. 11 Creepy, Real-Life Paranormal Stories From Reddit To Keep You Awake At Night

      • When it comes to real-life paranormal stories, Reddit is the gift that keeps on giving (and giving, and then giving some more).
      • Any connoisseur of the weird and creepy knows that the most effective scary stories are rooted in reality.


    8. 30 Very Short Tales Of Horror That Are Better Than Most Scary Movies You’ve Watched

      • Life sucks, we know. Once you are 18 we promise to show you this content but not till then!
      • In our quest for the bizarre and the twisted, we stumbled upon a scary short stories subreddit on Reddit
      • Anything that takes people "before their time" as they say.The real fun is when the auras venture into...


    9. 13 True HORROR stories from Reddit! | Real Life scary encounters! | Week 1 Compilation - YouTube

      • 17 REAL LIFE horror stories from reddit! |
      • 30 True Scary Horror Stories (Scary Stories) Horror Stories From Reddit - Duration: 2:36:04.


    10. True Scary Stories! - YouTube

      • 2 REAL Scary stories from reddit! | Hitchhiking/Pizza delivery. by The Grim Reader.