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    1. Right-wing terrorism - Wikipedia

      Right-wing terrorism is terrorism motivated by a variety of ideologies and beliefs, including anti-communism, neo-fascism, neo-Nazism, and a mindset against abortion. This type of terrorism has been sporadic, with little or no international cooperation.


    2. A Dark and Constant Rage: 25 Years of Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States

      • To illustrate the threat of right-wing terrorism in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism has compiled a list of 150 right-wing terrorist acts, attempted acts...


    3. Left-wing v. right-wing violence | Right-wing terror attacks

      • Certainly not "right-wing" terrorism in any traditional sense.
      • Again, I am not denying that there is right-wing terrorism (as well as left-wing terrorism).


    4. Islamic Terrorism Is Right-Wing Terrorism | The Nation

      • But we should stop feeling a sense of dread at news that a terrorist has a foreign-sounding name and acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is right-wing terrorism.


    5. One Type Of Terrorism Really Is Underreported -- Right-Wing Terrorism

      • Thomas Mair, a British man “with extreme right wing views,” according to CNN, was
      • The article went on to say the murder was “an act of political terrorism murder committed by a white fascist.”


    6. Unqualified Reservations: Right-wing terrorism as folk activism

      • I just think right-wing terrorism is inherently wrong.) If you ask me to condemn Anders Breivik, but adore Nelson Mandela, perhaps you have a mother you'd like to fuck.


    7. The Growing Right-Wing Terror Threat - The New York Times

      • These individuals on the fringes of right-wing politics increasingly worry law enforcement officials.
      • Meanwhile, terrorism of all forms has accounted for a tiny proportion of violence in America.


    8. Constant | Right-Wing Terrorism Inventory, 1993–2017

      • nnRight-wing terrorism is a subject under-cov-ered by the media, in part perhaps because so many right-wing terror incidents take place far from major media centers and urban areas.


    9. Talk:Right-wing terrorism - Wikipedia

      • Updating and US Section[edit]. It seems odd to me that there is no section on right-wing terrorism in the US for this article.


    10. "Right-Wing" vs Islamic Terrorists

      • Because of that attack, counter-terrorism in the United States has focused disproportionately on the Muslim fringe rather than the "right-wing."