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    1. Left Wing vs Right Wing - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

      • The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies center around the the rights of individuals vs. the power of the government.
      • Left Wing versus Right Wing comparison chart.


    2. Left-wing or Right-wing: Why labels simply don't capture India

      • India vs Sri Lanka: A look at 5 players who should definitely find a place in visitors' ODI squad. Shikhar Dhawan makes the most of his opportunity against Sri Lanka to give India strong starts.
      • Today, is gender justice in India a Right-wing or a Left-wing cause?


    3. Right Wing Vs. Left Wing: The Clash of Ideologies Explained

      To understand the concept and the implications of right wing and left wing politics, one needs to study human history. Both ideologies can be right in their own way, and both can also be distorted to cause a lot of mayhem.


    4. right wing vs left wing india

      • right-wing vs left-wing what side are you on its the age old battle with the age old question are you a righty or a lefty and do you love what america stands for or hate what it stands for take the test to find out.
      • Why is the BJP called the right-wing political party of India?


    5. Left Wing vs Right / Intellectuals vs Bhakts

      • Left vs Right Has No Winners. They have many names – leftists, pseudo-intellects, liberals, human right champions. The Left Wing in India is different from the Right Wing in ways that must make you think India is two separate nations.


    6. What are right wing, left wing, and centre in Indian context? - Quora

      • What is the right-wing and left-wing media bias? Was George Orwell more left wing or right wing?
      • So India has always been a clear mixture of both right and left wing politics.


    7. Do the voluntarily enlisted soldiers tend to be more right wing oriented than be left wing oriented? - Quora

      • This, for me seems to be more on the right side (as in right vs. left) of the ideological spectrum.
      • Is Putin right wing or left wing within the European spectrum? How capable is India's RAW?


    8. Is BJP Right and Congress Left? The Left-Right binary is fairly useless in India

      • India vs Sri Lanka: Shardul Thakur is justified in wearing Sachin Tendulkar's No 10 jersey. Bangladesh vs Australia: David Warner
      • Frequently - nay, always – one reads and hears about discussions about right-wing politics and left-wing ideology in India, each being pitched as the antithesis of the other.


    9. Left-Wing...Right-Wing...They're All Socialists!

      • There's a lot of "left-wing" vs. "right-wing" allegations being thrown around, especially after the latest violence in Charlottesville. We're told that "leftist" Communist groups are pitted against "far-right" Nazi groups.


    10. Right and Left Wing - What Does it Mean? – I don't get politics, me.

      • Right / Left Wing. The Coalition Government. The 'Economic Crisis'.
      • Left wing beliefs are usually progressive in nature, they look to the future, aim to support those who cannot support themselves, are idealist and believe in equality.