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    1. Top tips for saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S5 | Android Central

      • Use your Galaxy S5 power-saving mode. Check for rogue apps. If all else fails, reboot or reset. How to get better Galaxy S5 battery life. One of the top questions we'll get this year regards Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life.


    2. Top tips for saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S4 | Android Central

      • If you need your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life at its peak, check out these tips!
      • Power Saving mode conveniently throttles processor usage, screen brightness, and disables vibration all at once to save on battery life.


    3. Top 8 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5's Battery Life

      • We’ve all heard this before and it holds true for Galaxy S5. Don’t feel guilty about using high speed internet and sacrificing battery life.
      • 8. Use Samsung’s Built-in Power Saving Mode. Samsung has been thoughtful about this issue and has included two features that will make sure you’ll last for a...


    4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life | Ultra Power Saving Mode

      • Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life. When you’ve got two quad-core processors, a 2k display, 3GB of RAM and a 4k camera… you can expect to have some battery struggles.
      • Samsung offers an option called Power Saving Mod, which helps you save battery by making a few adjustments.


    5. Battery Life and Verdict Review | Trusted Reviews | Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S5?

      • Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery Life.
      • The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers two power saving battery modes – Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving. Power Saving is a fairly traditional mode that tweaks things like processor clock speed and screen brightness/contrast.


    6. Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Boost Battery Lifespan - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

      • The longer you leave the interval gaps, the more battery life you will save. Try to keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 on charge whenever possible and never let the device run down to the point where it turns off.


    7. How to fix Galaxy S8 battery life problems | Android Central

      • Samsung's AMOLED displays keep getting more efficient, but the screen continues to be a notable drain on a phone's battery life. You can simply lower the screen brightness on your Galaxy S8 to save battery life — either by using the slider in the notification shade, or in settings then display.


    8. Tricks To Improve Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life By 50%!

      • Boot into safe-mode and reboot. A few other users on Reddit reported that this very weird fix helped improve the battery life of their Samsung Galaxy S6 devices
      • Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.


    9. How to Save Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - YouTube

      • Tips to: Maximize battery, Make phone faster, and use hidden features on Android (Galaxy S3) - Duration: 10:23.
      • Battery Saving Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4, How to Save Battery, Increase Battery Life - Duration: 3:19.


    10. Best Ways To Improve Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life : TECH : Tech Times

      • Users have been complaining of issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6's battery life ever since the smartphone made its way to the market.
      • The Galaxy S6 packs in the Power Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode.