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    1. SHAMANISM | Information About Shamanic Healing

      • Ancient shamanic healing techniques have been passed down for thousands of years. Today, shamans continue to heal through shamanic methods and practices.


    2. Michael Harner Interview from Shamanism, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Magazine

      • Shamanic Healing: We Are Not Alone An Interview of Michael Harner by Bonnie Horrigan © Shamanism, Spring/Summer 1997, Vol. 10, No. 1.


    3. Shaman Healers

      • Here is a list of shamanic practitioners / shaman healers - organized by state and country.
      • This list is only for healers who offer shamanic healing to the individual or community.


    4. Shamanic Healing | Healing with a Shaman | Last Mask Center

      • Shamanic Healing and Healing with a Shaman. From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit.


    5. What illnesses can shamanism address? - Shaman Links

      • A frequent question submitted to Shaman Links are inquiries about whether shamanic healing can address a specific illness.


    6. Shamanic Extraction - Shaman Links | Healing Extraction Song

      • Select Category Archived Frequently Asked Questions Journey Series Messages From Shaman Links Old Announcements Shamanic Events Shamanism Healing Shamanism Practice Shamanism...


    7. Is there good evidence for shamanic healing?

      • Because shamanic healing is individualized to each unique person and their illness, it does not lend itself readily to conventional research designs.


    8. Shamanic Spirit Medicine | Concepts such as Chakras, Energy Healing, the Energy Body, Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing all Find their Roots in the Spiritual Healing of Shamanism

      • Shamanic Spirit Medicine. Shamanic Healing Kauai, Distance Healing, Kauai Vision Quests, Energy Healing.


    9. Could Shamanic Healing Be The Answer You've Been Looking For?

      • He twirled the ice in his drink, reluctant to say more. "I took a workshop in shamanism, and now I practice shamanic healing," he said.


    10. Long Distance Healing - Shaman Links

      • It also should be noted that shamanic healing is not the only healing modality which uses long distance healing. Reiki, for instance, utilizes long distance healing.