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    1. Fried Soft-Shell Crab Recipe - Allrecipes.com

      • I'm the queen of soft shell crabs and look forward to eating them every summer.
      • This was a very simple recipe to which I made a few changes. My son & I enjoyed the soft shelled crab, wishing I had bought more to prepare.


    2. Sautéed Soft-Shell Crabs Recipe | MyRecipes

      • Here is a basic recipe for cooking soft-shell crabs. You can vary it by adding cayenne pepper, garlic powder, or other seasonings to the flour.


    3. Soft-Shelled Crabs Meunière recipe | Epicurious.com

      • I have lived in Maryland nearly 20 years all told and I never had tried to cook soft-shell crabs. This recipe is SO good and SO easy! To clean crabs yourself takes about 30 seconds: (1) cut off the eyes and mouth with a sharp scissors, (2)...


    4. Celebrate Soft-Shell Crab Season With These Epic Recipes | HuffPost

      • If you need another reason to start eating seafood this spring -- aside from these amazing clam recipes and lobster rolls -- we have got it. Soft-shell crabs are coming into season and we have a very limited amount of time to enjoy them.


    5. Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs with Bangalore-Style Dipping Sauce Recipe - Andrew Zimmern | Food & Wine

      • Andrew Zimmern’s Kitchen Adventures Several years ago, I worked for a soft-shell crab company out of Maryland and spent four years studying, eating and cooking the shellfish. I traveled the world testing recipes and visiting soft-crab fisheries and I came to consider myself something of an expert.


    6. Fried Soft-Shell Crab Recipe | MyRecipes

      • Step 3. Fried Shrimp: Substitute 2 lb. peeled, large raw shrimp with tails (21/25 count) for soft-shell crab. Prepare recipe as directed, heating oil to 325º and frying shrimp, in batches, 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown.


    7. Soft-Shell Crabs: Three Methods, Four Coatings, Five Sauces - The New York Times

      • The soft-shell crab remains an exception. Starting in May and throughout the summer, the blue crab abandons its
      • This adds to the skin’s natural crunch and leaves the meat tender and juicy. (My no-brainer recipe: baste with melted butter mixed with lemon and Tabasco and grill until plump and dark.)


    8. Soft Shell Crabs Recipe : The Reluctant Gourmet

      • An Easy Soft Shell Crab Recipe. Soft Shell Crabs are a special treat when they are in season and that comes in late Spring down the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. This is the time when these blue-claw crabs wake up from their hibernation under the ocean floor and shed (molt)...


    9. Panko-crusted Soft Shell Crab with Ginger Ponzu Sauce | Easy Delicious Recipes

      • This is SO UNFAIR!!!! Softshell crab is my favorite food ever, but we can’t get them in France.
      • I absolutely adore soft shell crabs, but have no idea how to cook them! Ok..now I do lor after looking at your recipe.


    10. Soft-Shell Crab Toast Recipe - NYT Cooking

      • Soft-Shell Crab With Preserved Lemon and Almonds. By David Tanis.
      • Soft-Shell Crab Toast. Melissa Clark. Yield6 appetizer servings, or 3 main course servings. Time20 minutes. Save To Recipe Box.