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    1. solaris /etc/passwd permissions

      • ... становится начальный каталог, указанный в файле /etc/passwd. ... Так, в ОС Solaris 8 имя файла не может быть длиннее 1024 символов. ... opt sbin INFORMIXTMP9 devices kernel opt.orig tmp TT_DB dt lib platform usr bin etc ..... d1 bash: cd: d1: Permission denied [[email protected] 11...


    2. SOLARIS: passwd change returns 'permission denied' - syscookbook

      • [email protected]<server>:/root#> passwd test_user New Password: Re-enter new Password: Permission denied.
      • SOLARIS.PASSWORD.change.not.allowed.wri.


    3. Solaris 10 Passwd Permission Denied As Root - SiliconCali.com

      • At times your NIS map files can become out of sync and need to be rebuilt. This “Passwd Permission Denied” problem can be caused by a recommended Solaris security patch that may have replaced your custom NIS Makefile with a standard issue Solaris one that has PWDIR = /etc and not PWDIR...


    4. Understanding /etc/passwd File Format – nixCraft | See /etc/passwd file permission

      • Hi, a am migrating from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10, and i have a lot of users that i want to migrate. Is there a quick way to do this not by hand one by one?
      • we can change the permission of the file /etc/passwd using the command chmod.


    5. File Permissions :: Chapter 10: Files, Directories and Scripts :: Part I: Solaris 9 Operating Environment, Exam I :: Sun certified solaris 9.0 system and network administrator all-in-one exam guide :: Certification :: eTutorials.org

      • Symbolic File Permissions. The Solaris file system permits three basic kinds of file access—the ability to read (r), to write (w), and to execute (x) a file or
      • The group specified by g can be the user’s primary group (as defined in /etc/passwd), or a secondary group to which the file has been assigned (defined...


    6. User Account Mapping for /etc/passwd Files (Solaris Easy Access Server 3.0 SunLink Server Administration Guide)

      • Solaris user accounts are deleted from the SunLink Server program by a user-specified /etc/passwd formatted input file.
      • Ignore Solaris permissions - Leave unchecked the "Observe Solaris file and folder security" option to ignore Solaris permissions.


    7. What is default permission of /etc/passwd , /etc/shadow files

      • /etc/shadow: 400. Is This Answer Correct ?
      • How to add a new LUN in exit disksets (metasets) in solaris please answer me step by step procedure?


    8. what are the default file permissions for /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files in solaris10?

      • ...using chmod command(chmod 600 passwd or chmod 600 shadow).DamodaramQuoting satishalla via solaris-l <[email protected]>: Posted by satishalla on Feb
      • You can check the default permissions on any files installed through the packaging system using pkgchk. E.g: # pkgchk -l -p /etc/shadow -p...


    9. Solaris 10 Interview questions - UnixArena | How many fields in passwd, shadow and group files

      • What command can be used in running a background process? # nohup ( comment ) &. How will you rectify the root passwd in solaris.
      • /etc/shadow: 400. What is default permission of files and directory?


    10. User Account Mapping for /etc/passwd Files

      • In the SunLink Server environment, however, Windows NT groups--not Solaris groups--are created, and Solaris group permissions have no effect on them.
      • Solaris user accounts can be added from the running Solaris name service or by a user-specified /etc/passwd formatted input file.