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The crisis drove home the importance of liquidity to the proper functioning of financial markets and the banking sector. Prior to the crisis, asset markets were buoyant and funding was readily available at low cost.


The accompanying FSAP documents, and in particular the Financial System Stability Assessment, contains several important findings and recommendations that apply across all areas of financial regulation and supervision.


The prudential supervision of financial markets requires continuous adaptation as the markets themselves evolve: in instruments traded, in institutional structures, and in the degrees of national and international integration. In the past decade the speed of change has accelerated.


Since the onset of the crisis, numerous proposals have been advanced to reform or amend the current financial system to help restore economic growth. In the United States, the Obama Administration has proposed a plan to overhaul supervision of the U.S. financial services sector.


Department of the Insurance market supervision. Current state of the insurance sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of January 1, 2014. Amount: 9 pages Number of tables: 10 Number of diagrams: 7 Updated: every month.


The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), an independent agency of the Government of Canada, reports to the Minister of Finance (the Minister) for the supervision of the Bank, as well as its Canadian federally regulated trust, loan and insurance subsidiaries.


The U.S. financial system is closely interconnected with the rest of the global financial system, and asset price co-movements are well above pre-crisis levels. 3. The locus of financial stability risks has moved to nonbank financial institutions and markets.


17. BR has responsibility for the financial stability of the payment system and established a separate department to carry out oversight of the payment system in 2010. Since deposit-taking institutions are.


The Bank is entitled on the basis of the resolution of the Bank’s Supervisory Board without consent of the authorized body for control and supervision over financial markets and financial organizations (hereinafter referred to as the “competent authority”) to establish its individual subdivisions...


The impact of the UK’s exit from the EU is expected to be of substantial significance for the financial system, its infrastructures, financial firms and financial services both in the UK and in the (other) EU Member States.


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