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Модель ретро-классического мотоцикла Yamaha SR400 начинает свою историю с 1978 года и выпускается по настоящее время. Главной причиной появления данной модели стало желание Yamaha представить рынку максимально простой ретро-классик в привычных формах и без...


General information. Model: Yamaha SR 400 35-years. Year: 2014. Category: Allround.


We review the 2014 Yamaha SR400, a single-cylinder 400cc, vintage beginner bike.


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Yamaha’s SR400 won’t be coming to Canada this year, though it’ll be for sale in the US.


Tom Roderick March 6, 2014 46. When Yamaha says that the 2015 SR400 is, with exception to EFI, beholden to the original model, it isn’t kidding. At first glance the new SR appears to be either a restored, or a recently uncrated new old stock (NOS), example of the late ’70s classic.


For 2014, the SR400 will be brought to Europe too. Oliver expects the bike to remain exclusive. “The bike is of course not cheap with low production quantities, high-quality parts


MSRP on the 2018 SR 400 is $5,999 and comes with a one-year limited factory warranty. If you want the SR400 in black, Yamaha offered it in Onyx for 2016 and 2017. For 2018, get your SR400 in fetching Galaxy Blue.