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Adnan Syed Oh no, uh, I do remember that phone call and I do remember being high at the time because the craziest thing is to be high and have the police


‘Serial’ podcast subject Adnan Syed seeks new trial in murder case.


Maryland appeals court grants request to send case back to lower court. Adnan Syed wants the court to look at an affidavit from a potential alibi witness. The podcast "Serial" drew attention to Syed, who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend.


ANNAPOLIS: For the past 18 years he has spent behind bars, Adnan Syed has claimed he is innocent of murdering his ex-girlfriend in a case turned into a global


Adnan Syed's case just proves how much the public needs to help someone like him get another trial because, our judicial system is going down because


February 2016: Sarah Koenig ducks back into the Adnan Syed case for a few days.


Adnan Syed Don - The state's decision to appeal Adnan Syed's retrial could delay the case by at least a year.


Adnan Syed Case Dissected—What ACTUALLY Happened The Day Hae Lee Was Murdered?


Adnan Syed, who is featured in the popular Serial podcast, was convicted of killing Hae Min Lee in 1999.