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URLSession: JSON GET & POST Requests | Swift 3, Xcode 8 Today we go over URLSession and how to make JSON GET and POST requests.


AFNetworking Post Request. Posted by: admin November 29, 2017 Leave a comment.


Or if is there anyone know about AFNetworking & swift 3.0 using xcode 8.0 for POST & GET request please tell me. with simple example. Thanks in Advance. You can see below error.


I am facing an issue with AFNetworking 2.0 (coding on Swift). GET method, of library seems that works perfect for me. Although, POST method returns me error. The error is Bad username/password. From the first looking that seem an authentication issue, but actually when I tried the POST request...


AFNetworking iOS11 - HTTP load failed -999. AFNetworking - stuck after posting http data. AFNetworking 3.0 get request Swift3.0. 2016-12-28 07:33 Thripthi Haridas imported from Stackoverflow.


Latest commit e976d63 Jan 27, 2018 SlaunchaMan Merge pull request #4138 from AFNetworking/unguarded-availability.


I am facing an issue with AFNetworking 2.0 (coding on Swift).


I already got the get Json getrequest working in AFNetworking but this post request is giving me some problems. Thanks for help in advance.


I encountered the same problem using AFNetworking API through Swift, trying to send a post request and finally got it work as well thanks to user1805458's post. Basically, for my requestSerializer of the AFHTTPRequestOperationManager...