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The appendix has no known function in humans. Evidence suggests that our evolutionary ancestors used their appendixes to digest tough food like tree bark, but we don't use ours in digestion now. Some scientists believe that the appendix will disappear from the human body.


The appendix is an important part in a human body.


And it's possible some of this organ's ancient uses could be recruited by physicians to help the human body fight disease more effectively.


This organ is of no particular use to humans. However, appendix is still functional in the grazing animals.


Why do humans have an appendix? There are several in the body.


In fact, doctors have trouble deciding if the appendix has any use to the body at all.


- Asdnyi What Is the Appendix?The human appendix may have one or more x187x.xyz appendix is occasionally used for surgical reconstruction of damaged structures in the body, such as a ureter (the tube that transport urine out of the kidney to the urinary bladder) in young children.


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Charles Darwin once claimed the human body contains evolutionary leftovers, and Fox news ran with the story—150 years later.