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There are 155 Vegan Baker’s Delight products listed only 6 of which may contain palm oil!!! Please see the Baker’s Delight Website for full ingredient information.


Okay, so I've started eating the coconut iced finger buns at Baker's Delight, my favourite, but I noticed that there are two different types of icing being used. Are they both vegan?


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'Bakers Delight is specifically targeting children to include M&M finger buns as a day-to-day lunch box item. Such products, should rarely (or preferably never) be eaten by children, let alone promoted and 'normalised' as an everyday food ...'


BAKERY. Bakers Delight Bread (vegan products listed on Bakers Delight website)(Not including loaves and rolls) Coconut finger bun, Cinnamon finger bun, Plain finger bun, Coffee & date log, Coffee & date roll, Authentic sourdough hot cross bun, Fruitless hot cross bun...


Complainants took issue with a Bakers Delight campaign which ran on digital billboards in various stores across Australia, promoting a range of finger buns adorned with icing and miniature chocolate MnMs.


A before-school breakfast program at Cabramatta Public School is pointing children towards healthy eating options.