Jan 5, 2010 ... The Alexandrov Ensemble sings "Suliko", conducted by Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov, recorded 1950s or 1960s. This is a Georgian traditional song. The photo ...


In the 18 and 19th centuries, authorities in central Europe began to force Jewish families to adopt fixed hereditary family names. Many Jews then formed European-sounding family names that were in fact Hebrew acronyms. Blau is an acronym of the Hebrew "Ben Leadoni Avi", meaning "son of my master and father ", ...


21 июн 2015 ... Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a unique Austrian architect and painter, creator of architectural masterpieces (German Friedensreich Hundertwasser, real name - Friedrich Stowasser (Friedrich Stowasser) was born in Vienna, Austria, December 15, 1928. His father was Austrian, and his mother was Jewish.

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On some grammatical features and the issue of the origin of personal markers in Dargwa] ..... Amarna anuki, Phoenician nky, Hebrew anōkī, Samaritanian anáki, Old Aramaic nky with *ī after * an-ī “I”; (iii) *aku .... 'month-name from the Calendar of Coligny, perhaps devoted to “deer”', Welsh elain “hind”,. Breton élan id.


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While the second change ("chasing away my nightly sleep") does not affect the meaning, dropping "of them" in the third line may actually mean that the singer is not troubled by a girl's name, but by something else. The film Jolly Fellows was shown in Tel-Aviv and the Israeli poet Nathan Alterman wrote new lyrics to be used ...


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Avi is a masculine personal name, the common short form of the Jewish Avraham יחזקאל (English: Abraham), from the Ancient Hebrew element אבי meaning, quite literally, “my father.”


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In Jewish lore, this is the name of angel associated with the planet Venus. ANAH (עֲנָה): Hebrew name meaning "answer."


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See here for Jewish girls' names. Aharon Aharon was the first High Priest, and Moses' brother. Aharon was known for "loving peace and pursuing peace."


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AVI אֲבִי m Hebrew Means "my father" in Hebrew.


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