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Remove all dead branches and stems from the "Lady Banksia" with pruning shears while wearing gardening gloves.



We also have pruning instructions right down near the bottom of the page, which is as follows.... When your rose has filled the allotted space, one in three of the oldest stems can be cut right back to their base.


Angus Stewart demonstrates how to prune banksias for shape lots of flowers or a complete rejuvenation.


Lady banks rose is one of the much sought-after rose species, for its exuberant blooms. Here are some tips to prune a lady banksia rose.


July is generally the start of rose pruning time. This can continue through to August in cooler areas. Before starting pruning make sure your secateurs, loppers and hedge shears are clean and sharpened.


Winter is rose pruning time, and rose pruning´s a subject that always leads to a lot of questions from home gardeners.


The only roses I don’t prune in the Winter are the early and once flowering roses. i.e. Banksia rose, Albertine, Wedding Day, Constance Spry and Rosa laevigata *a “neaten up” 5 to 10% prune in winter and a harder prune immediately after their spring flowering.


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