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Birds of prey uk and Ireland is split into: 1 general section for Ireland. And then three sections for the uk, which is split into: "Buzzards, Kites, and allies", "Osprey", and "Falcons". Based on the Wikipedia page: "List of birds of Great Britain".


A bird of prey is also known as a raptor or a hunter. It belongs to the group of birds which are carnivores and feed on other animals. Their list of victims includes all types of organisms, such as reptiles, mammals, rodents, amphibians and insects.


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Keeping Birds of Prey in the UK is very different to keeping them in other countries such as the USA. For a list of Birds that must be registered and ringed are listed in Chapter 69 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).


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Birds of prey in the UK. On a wing and a prayer. Golden eagle by Mark Hamblin (rspb-images.com).


Complete Episode Guide for Bird of Prey (UK) TV Show. Contains a list of every episode with descriptions and original air dates.