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Re: High Price for iPhone 6. Just go online and click the No annual contract* at ATT.com and you will be able to buy the phone outright. (The following is included after all posts to save typing) We are fellow customers.


iPhone 6 deals are finally starting to trickle in, with Walmart offering the lowest price so far without a contract.


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With Apple raising unlocked prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and even contract device prices, it’s time to revisit our post and update the numbers.


If you want buy iPhone 6 online without contract (No Contract), you must understand that is very comfortable for all, who want iPhone 6 buy via eBay.


In this case, it makes more sense to buy the iPhone 6 as part of the Next 18 than to subscribe to a contract.


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When you buy iPhone 6 no contract, especially in the US, make sure the smartphone is locked or unlocked.


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iPhone 6s. In the United States, new iPhones can be pre-ordered from Apple at the following price points