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Caddis fly larva are a favorite food of trout just about everywhere and patterns to imitate them range from mildly suggestive to hyper-realistic. I’ve been using the same fairly simple suggestive pattern, in sizes 14 and 16, in both green and a rusty brown for years. In trying to change it up a bit for the...


Caddis Larva. tied by mihostanev Fly Type: Nymphs, Target Species: Trout, Recommended Region: General Europe, Imitation: Caddis Flies, Material List: -any nymph hook (size 10 or 8 is perfectly for this example) -lead wire, any light tan or yellow thread -cream or light yellow antron yarn -natural...


Fly-fishing and fly-tying videos by Davie McPhail - the best fly fishing and fly tying videos online - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher. Wet Your Knot. Caddis nymph, larva, pupa fly patterns.


This is a go-to caddis larva fly pattern that belongs in your box. It's a typical "Guide Fly", quick to tie, durable, and catches fish! Caddis larva are...


We have a great selection of Caddis Fly Patterns - including video Instructions and a variety of Caddis Larva, Pupa, bucktails, and Dry Flies. Caddis imitations are critical ingredients to fly anglers' arsenals. With over 700 species of caddis in North America a wide selection of caddis flies in all stages of...


Developed by Radoslav Kiskinov, the Sharks Caddis larva fly pattern is a very simple and realistic fly imitating the Caddis larva. It’s main trait is the body of twisted Antron yarn with hare’s fur. It’s main purpose is to catch fish – which it does very well when the trout are on the sedge larvae!


It is very simple fly imitating the caddis larva. Some of you may say that it is a realistic one. I would say with 100 % certainty it is a killer pattern and I have


Stonefly Nymph Pattern. Caddis Larva Pattern.


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