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The bike rolls well on the 27.5 wheels and the stopping power of the hydraulic brakes is incredible. I was at first concerned about the low gearing but there's enough there to cruise at a steady pace. If I want speed I'll use my road bike. We' ve not had a good off road ride yet so I'll update the review accordingly. I can't see me ...

Classification of bikes by their use. Mountain bikes. Bikes especially suited to a demanding terrain. These bikes are for bikers intending to ride in off-road terrain. Of course, road and ... for any terrain riding. The touring bike can be used as a means of transportation thanks to its equipment (mudguards, lights, carrier etc.).

Brand Name: basecamp; Use: Road Bicycles,Mountain Bikes; Material: Aluminum/Alloy; Pedal Category: Ultralight Pedal; Size: 98*62*18mm; Pedal Device Category: Pedal; Model Number: SCUDGOOD SG-12D; Use: Dead Fly; model: SG-12D Bicycle Pedals; Color: blue, black, red, silver, gold. Product Description.

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Road bike specific pedals (e.g., Shimano SPD-SL) are designed for a single purpose, road cycling, and the pedals do this job well.

Mountain bike clipless pedals have a somewhat looser interface than road bike pedals. This is to accomodate the different needs of roadies and mountain bikers. If you aren't racing, there is no reason not to use mountain bike pedals on your...

yep I use mountain bike shoes and pedals on my road touring bike.

i tried 105 pedals but had been using mountain bike SPDs (m540) I went back to the MTB cleats and pedals on the road bike because I prefered double sided pedals... nothing wrong at all and and I find it easier to unclip and clip in when...

Jesse is a road rider and is going to give mountain biking a go, he isn’t sure which pedals would be best for him to use. He uses Speedplay Zeros on his road bike at the moment and has seen Frog and Crank Bros Egg Beaters, he wants our opinion on these and any other mountain bike pedals we like.

Riding the road definitely improves pedal stroke and the ability to stand while climbing. Here’s hoping your road crew is more understanding than mine was.

Best Road Bike Pedals on The Market. There is a pretty good discussion between whether the Look pedals or the SPD-SL pedals are better.

I used road bike pedals for a few years, but later switched to mountain bike (Crank Bros.) pedals on the road bike.

The bike police will take away your bike. Do the road bikes even come with plastic pedals?

Clipless pedals fall into two camps: road and mountain bike. As far as I can see, there are two main differences

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