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Following are the homeopathic remedies for colds when running nose is a prominent symptom .Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is beneficial when there is a thin, watery discharge from nose. This is accompanied by sneezing.


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Over the counter cough and cold medicines are however known to cause serious side effects in young children according to The American Academy of Pediatrics.


So don't worry about that.just don't clean nose forcefully and don't insert anything in it. Very severe cold,running nose and sneezing.what medicine i can use-Thanks.


Although annoying at best, a runny nose and sneezing are the body's natural infection-fighting mechanisms. Mucus within the nose naturally humidifies the...


Also, I notice when my tank runs dry during the night and I'm breathing dry air, that is when I have the running nose, cold like symptoms.


Drugstore cold medicine & flu products seem to multiply daily.


Over-the-counter cold medicines won't cure your cold, but they might make you more comfortable, so you can rest as it runs its course.


Medication when with Medicine. As for the question “What medicine stops a runny nose that is accompanied by sneezing?” your first consideration should be an antihistamine.