18 апр 2012 ... 1. economy – экономика (хозяйство). 2. economics – экономика (наука) ..... Are there any limitations as to the field of activity of a proprietor? 3. What is partnership? 4. What is a .... In a command economy a central planning office makes decisions on what, how and for whom to produce. There was ...


Mar 30, 2015 ... One proposed space-based weapon, Excalibur, planned to use the detonation of a nuclear device to power X-ray lasers that would strike ballistic missiles ..... That was a lost opportunity to truly build a lasting friendship and it made difficult economic times even more painful for the Russian people (for no ...


absolute advantage авалист surety on a bill; guarantor аваль aval; collateral acceptance; surety for a bill аванс advance; down payment; payment in advance .... command system административно-командная экономика command economy административно-технические работники general staff; support staff; .

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NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency, и управлению. NC3A. Агентство .... mutual limitation of arms взаимное уважение ..... temporary duty, TDY командная экономика command economy командно-штабная машина ( КШМ) command vehicle командно-штабные учения (КШУ). Command Post Exercise ...


Ключевые слова: корпорация-государство, регион-экономика, глобальные центры управления, субъектность, ограничение субъектности государства, транзитная субъектность корпорации. Key words: corporation-state, region- economy, global command centres, subjectivity, limitation of state subjectivity, transit ...


30 янв 2018 ... ... and equity restrictions on parastatal entities; and the possible impact of additional sanctions against oligarchs, senior political figures, and parastatals on the U.S. and Russian economies. Russian parastatals have origins in the Soviet Union's command economy. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, ...


АННОТАЦИЯ: In China, most studies examine drawbacks of the planned economy with the emphasis on descriptions of the economic system, such as the indistinction between government and enterprise, the ignorance of the law of value, the serious equalitarianism in distribution and so on, which shows some limitations.


The transaction is considered to be an act of sharing in the economy, such as the purchase and sale in the market economy, the planned supply of products in the ... of institutions with elements of neo-classical economic theory, which assumes rational behavior of economic agents, maximizing benefits and minimizing costs.


8. . restrictions. regulations in the economy are the main characteris- tics of a command economy. 1. As.or 2. So. as 3. As. as 4. —, as well as 5. Such .. so. 9. Increasing output by one unit we shall have the increase in the . cost known as marginal cost. 1. particular 2. пота! 3. 5оте 4. high 5. total. 10. The . of goods consumed ...


1. The type of economy a society has can range from private enterprise to planned economy. 2. The restrictions may be of several types: tariffs, import quotes, nontariff barriers. 3. The modern manager must have a good understanding of management principles, an appreciation of the current issues and broader objectives of ...


• Command economies can provide economic security • Command economies also have the ability to adjust rapidly to changing circumstances.


A command economy is where a central government makes all economic decisions.


"limited freedom for consumers" "usually not much economic growth" and "inefficient use of productive resources" would all be correct, since in a command economy the government dictates how...


There are three basic economic structures that exist for a society.


Command economy: Command economy, economic system in which the means of production are publicly owned and economic activity is controlled by a central authority that assigns quantitative.


A command economy limits the personal freedom and individuality of a person, and the central government answers all the economic questions offered.


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We all face limitations... so we all have to make choices. We can't always get what we want.


In a command economy, there is no competition, as the central government controls all business. Drawbacks of Command Economies.


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