I use the controller to regulate the temperature. ... system controller сущ. ..... is indented for organization of remote switching control, switching off, control and ...


Перевод контекст "controller" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: the ... The low-cost network controller for security systems detectors was designed.


The surgical laser system comprises three lasers, a programmable controller, ... the drive related control tasks simultaneously via an integrated real-time PLC.


Перевод контекст "inventory control" c английский на русский от Reverso ... control system that would protect expendable and non-expendable property.


В автомобильной электронике электронный блок управления (ЭБУ) - это общий термин ... ETACS (Electronic Timing And Control System) - Электронная система полного управления автомобилем; Head Up Display (Контроллер ...


4 контроллер. digital control system; DCS; controlling system. контроллер — [Я. Н.Лугинский, М.С.Фези-Жилинская, Ю.С.Кабиров. Англо-русский словарь по ...


business messages check box when the digital-message volume-control on the voice alarm system controller rear panel controls the sound volume for business  ...


AIR TRAFFIC - {ʹeə͵træfık} воздушное движение; воздушные перевозки heavy ~ - интенсивное воздушное движение . Новый большой англо-русский  ...


Программи́руемый логи́ческий контро́ллер (сокр. ПЛК; англ. programmable logic controller, сокр. PLC; более точный перевод на русский — контроллер с  ...


stable and precise; direct control by means of the process controller is possible. arca. ... or a Model 960 Digital Radiation Monitoring Systems Process Controller.


Define control system. control system synonyms, control system pronunciation, control system translation, English dictionary definition of control system. n. A mechanical, optical, or electronic system that is used to maintain a desired output.


As this system controls the output, it is so referred. Each element connected to the system has its own effect on the output. It is a system of devices


Definition of control system in the Definitions.net dictionary.


Management controls, in the broadest sense, include the plan of organization, methods and procedures adopted by management to ensure that its goals are met. Management controls include processes for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling program operations.


Controlling the environment: Control environment is the basis of other elements of all other components of the internal control system. Moral values, managerial skill, the honesty of employees and managerial direction etc. are included in controlling environment. Risk assessment: After setting...


Industrial control system (ICS) is a collective term used to describe different types of control systems and associated instrumentation, which include the devices, systems, networks, and controls used to operate and/or automate industrial processes.


This definition explains what a control system is and discusses how control loops are used to operate them for many industries including agriculture, water


What are these management control systems? Let’s examine the definition, the function, the characteristics and the benefits of it.


Control System is the second studio album by American rapper Ab-Soul. It was released on May 11, 2012, by Top Dawg Entertainment.


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