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In Zen-Buddhism, Dharma transmission is a custom in which a person is established as a "successor in an unbroken lineage of teachers and disciples, a spiritual 'bloodline' (kechimyaku) theoretically traced back to the Buddha himself."


Dharma has no native token. Like 0x, the Dharma protocol uses relayers to provide order interfaces. Unlike other lending protocols, uncollateralized loans are possible on Dharma through underwriters, trusted entities who originate loans, assess creditworthiness, and service debt.


The Dharma Manifesto is a call to action for those who seek a form of social and political action that has a firm spiritual foundation, but which also challenges the prevailing social and religious order in the postmodern West. It does not merely offer criticism – it is also a blueprint for how a national...


Dharma 2.0, as the edgy name suggests, is a young and zippy venture by Dharma Productions. With this move, the country’s most prolific movie production house enters the world of ad film production and the dynamic world of digital. Having occupied a distinct place in Bollywood history and in the hearts of...


Dharma Police. Color. Roadside Coffee Sacred Crystal Onyx Arnold Palmer. ?When choosing between Single Vision prescription lenses, for most prescriptions under -4.00 you'll be fine with standard Prescription Lenses.


Our first publication: "The Courtesan and the Sadhu (a novel about Maya, Dharma, and God)," a spiritual novel by Mysore Prakash (Originally published under pen name Satya Avatar) is now available.


Dharma doesn’t touch your crypto. We just provide the means to move it, through this magical thing called the blockchain.


Relax and sink deep into the faces, mosaics, designs and other mystical imagery. Dharma is a concept of central importance in Indian philosophy and religion.


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Dharma 2.0. Bringing your vision to life. Crafted by the best storytellers in the country.


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