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30 апр 2013 ... Despite their young age, students expressed interest in topics such as: first aid course, nutrition, sexuality, and pregnancy problems. ... In general, young people are aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. .... Almost all students (94.78%) felt it was necessary to know first aid.

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21 сен 2011 ... I bought the cat didn't know what to call him. ..... Drinking Alcohol https://boards. prescription-|-vpxl-online-canada ..... what medicine can i take for nausea while pregnant domperidone without prescription best cream for fair skin. → What happens if you drink alcohol while pregnant.

Try not to fret Although having had a couple of drinks before you knew you were pregnant isn't ideal, it is somewhat common.

When it comes to drinking alcohol during pregnancy, not enough is known about the potentially harmful effects alcohol can have on the developing baby. For this reason, experts advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol entirely for the duration of the pregnancy.

Didn't know I was pregnant. I recently took a home pregnancy test and it came back postive. I just returned home from vacation. Before my vacation I took diet supplements. During my vacation I drank alcohol and got a henna tattoo.

In Jan 2016, the UK's Chief Medical Officer recommended that women should avoid drinking any alcohol during pregnancy. This was reported by some newspapers and websites – and still is – as a change to current official guidelines for pregnant women.

Did you know that if you drink alcohol when you are pregnant, you can harm your unborn baby? If you drink heavily during pregnancy, a particular group of problems could develop, known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

When it comes to pregnancy, one of the most controversial topics is drinking. We all know that alcohol can harm an unborn baby, but the lack of concrete studies means that it’s difficult to say exactly how much a pregnant woman can drink.

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