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Each Electrolux central vacuum unit comes with a lifetime warranty, your unit will last you a lifetime and provide ideal service if you follow these few simple guidelines


We offer a family of Electrolux Oxygen central vacuum power units with a variety of features and performance for the size and design of your specific home.


Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems. Operating and maintenance instruction manual. WARRANTY INFORMATION. Read this manual thoroughly before use. Important safety instructions.


Electrolux Central Vacuum kits come with everything you need to install your new system. Each Package includes a power unit, Attachment Set, Pipe, Fittings, & Misc. Components.


Basic Maintenance for your Electrolux Central Vacuum. Filter. Much like a regular portable vacuum, the basic maintenance of a Electrolux Central Vacuum System is changing the bag, or, in most cases, emptying the dirt receptacle on the main unit.


Electrolux Central Vacuums creates a cleaner, healthier home. There is no recirculation of dust as the dust collection point is remote, great for Asthma


Electrolux central vacuum cleaner. 15 years old and still going strong. It has never had a breakdown or repair, just regular maintenance.


Central Vacuum Foam Filter for Electrolux, Aerus, Centralux, Air Vac, Hayden, Vent-A-Vac, M & S, Centralux, Broan (2).


Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION MANUAL Read This Manual Thoroughly Before Use...


Electrolux central vacuum systems are known to be among the most effective in cleaning all types of floors.


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