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Hi All, I want to get my Facebook friends list in asp.net application. I am using Facebook c# sdk. I created a Facebook App.


You can retrieve the names and ids for the users in your friend list by performing a GET request to /me/friends endpoint of the Graph API. In order to make this request, a user access token with user_friends permission is required.


Hello I getting current user friends list by php api of facebook. can you suggest me what is missing.LINK.


If we are logged in, the script will evoke API method /me/friends in order to get a list of our friends.


How to Use the Facebook Connect API in an ASP.NET Web Application.


i have to friends in facebook the name of the first friend is : jad . the name of the second friend is :rima . how i can get the mutual friend list betwen jad and rimaaaa .


You can retrieve user friends list in several ways. Using new graph api you can retrieve friend-list or you can call legacy api to retrieve friend-list.


Firstly we'll create a controller that will communicate with facebook API and request friends listing.