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I keep getting text messages for my Facbook password reset code.


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How can I get my Facebook password through text message?


If You Get A Random Facebook Reset Code Text – Tech Geek and … I was asked this morning, from a couple of people, about random text


It would be a disaster for the facebook generation who has grown accustomed to having facebook ready round-the-clock. Do not worry, facebook password can be reset easily if you still have access to your email account associated to your facebook account.


I created a forgot password link and everything works(password resets, token is set back to " ", password is properly hashed) but when I try to login with my new password, my script login.inc.php is not able to recognize the new password.


So Why Does Someone Get A Password Reset Code Text from Facebook?


You feel like Select the option: text me a code to reset or recover Facebook Password and then click on the continue button to proceed further. Use it when you get Jul 12, 2015 SMS activation not working for password reset - posted in General Error Reporting...