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Огнестрельное оружие является предметом, неправильное использование которого может привести к ранению или смерти. Это оружие высокой точности, которое будет работать надежно при соблюдении всех правил его эксплуатации. Если Вы полностью не знакомы с работой огнестрельного оружия ...

I want to load some 45colt black powder loads with ffgoex and fff pyrodex. Only thing holding up the progress is bullet lube. I want to try a few before I go full bore into it...

Ballistics comparison of black powder, all hodgdon black powder substitute powders and blackhorn muzzle loading rifle powders..From what I understand fff can be used in rifles up to Larger than . go with ff.

No problem - check out this article: How to Load a Traditional Muzzleloading Black Powder Rifle.) My own hunting load for the 45 caliber Seneca is 70 grains of FFFg black powder pushing a 240-grain T/C Maxi-Ball, and it has served me well.

BLACK POWDER ONLY All muzzle loading firearms we sell are made to fire black powder only! Make sure the powder is clearly marked "BLACK POWDER FOR MUZZLE LOADING".

Seems to be alot of variations in loads out there. I am looking for anyone who can help with a load for a .45 colt ( lead 230 gr rcbs cowboy mold # 82308) and .38 spec. (lead 140 Gr. rcbs mold # 82304). FFF or FF Black Powder?

Use Pyrodex in volume equal to black powder; but when using Triple Seven, reduce your loads by 15%.

The .45 Black Powder Magnum (.45 BPM) is a black-powder firearm round. It is a wildcat cartridge of the .45 Colt family. The .45 BPM was originally developed for use in replica Colt Walker black powder revolvers.

Muzzle Loading Data My personal interest is Black Powder pistols. In reality I have used both FFFG and FFG medium grain black powder and have not. Has NO muzzle flash and has one of the cleanest burns i've ever seen in a pistol powder.

Black Powder Muzzle Loading is unique. It's messy, smoky and fun! Plan to wear old clothes both shooting and cleaning up.

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