Guns vs. Medieval Helmets — From Black Powder to Modern Cartridges · 24. The firearms: Antique Aston 1858 percussion pistol, loaded with FFFg black powder Pietta Smith Caribine, .50 cal, loaded with FFFg Hodgdon Triple Seven (black powder substitute) Pietta... video ...

Pyrodex 50 Cal 50 Gr Pellets. Pyrodex Select Rifle & Shotgun Powder.

50 Caliber Field Cannon. morecannonfab. 50 CAL JM WMV. WMLPPRO. bombing a goat with the fifty. greghud. .20 cal muzzle loader pistol. tlareng.

Renigade 54 cal. and a Hawkens 50 cal. Can i use both FFFG and FFG powder.

I've read that FFFg is good up to 50 cal rifles.

In a .50 cal pistol or rifle you use a .490 round ball with a lubricated patch. Not knowing the quality of your pistol, I'd start with a load of 40 grains of FFFg. Not to seem insulting, but you pour the powder down the barrel, then place a patch (I hold them in my mouth and wet them with saliva...

Vesuvit. ® data for black powders. Kentucky Pistol (calibre .50). Barrel Length: 254 mm / 10.0".

I have been using FFFG Goex for years in my 50 cal rifle especially for Rendezvous (black powder shoots) I got tired of carrying two different powders for the rifle and pistol.

Hawken, flint ignition, .50" caliber rifle, barrel length is 32.0", rifling twist rate is 1 in 60", barrel diameter at breech is 15/16" across flats: .490" Diameter, 177 Grain, Lead Round Ball Bullet, 90 Grains FFFG Black Powder, 1,930 Feet Per Second Muzzle Velocity, 1,464 Foot Pounds Muzzle Energy.

Fffg Powder And 50 Cal? - Crowdsourced Questions & Answers at Okela.

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