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Building an Investment Portfolio in the Fund Management & FinTech Industry. Our Investments.


Fintech Fund Services is a financial services company focused on providing fund administration, administrative and analytical services to institutional investors and to asset managers.


Innovative. Fintech. VC. Fund. Technology And Innovation.


Fintech Investment Fund. CreditEase is China’s leading wealth / asset management and marketplace lender.


IFM offers fund management services including Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive


ID Finance has joined forces with former Elbrus Capital fund manager Yuri Popov and asset management company Da Vinci Capital to launch FinTech Credit Fund, a $200m debt finance fund...


Fintech seeks untapped riches in b2b Premium. Tom Blomfield is not the first fintech entrepreneur to target the b2b space because of personal dissatisfaction with established banks.


Fintech Ventures Fund is investing in start-up and growth companies, which are developing promising non-banking lending and payments systems.


FinTech Digital Fund Management solutions, such as fund management software, are critical for the asset management, funds and alternative investors, institutional clients and industry regulators.


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