Поиск Google ничего не нашел

As many of you would have already known, Google released a new IDE for Android App development named as Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA. But many have been experiencing some problems (including myself) while trying to use the Google Android Maps API v2.


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Just watch the video see how thing work 🙂. View Demo – Google Map API V2 Android Studio Tutorial.


How can I create an Android application in Android Studio that uses the Google Maps Api v2? I’ve been having lots of trouble in Android Studio trying to create an app with GoogleMap.


2. Now open Google API Console. 3. Select Services on left side and turn on Google Maps Android API v2.


Samples demonstrating how to use Google Maps Android API v2.


В этом руководстве содержится информация для быстрого добавления карты в приложение Android. Для создания приложений с использованием Google Maps Android API рекомендуемой средой разработки является Android Studio. Шаг 1. Загрузите Android Studio.


Since my app has multiple flavors, I was getting thrown an error that my api-keys were not being validated. The way to resolve this is to ensure that you add all packages of your project into the Google Developer Console.


If you want to include Google Maps in your Android app and you are using Android Studio, just follow the simple steps below: 1. In your SDK Manager, make sure that the Google Play Services is installed.


Please note that Google Maps Api v1 is now deprecated and supported by Google any more, so this is deprecated too. So you have to do some preliminary steps first. What tools did I use? Android Studio