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Some tryouts in new Rockstar Editor. Which is much best and smoother than in GTA IV. Recorded on Ultra settings. GTA V Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games PC...


Expect more GTA V music videos from us in future, made using the GTA 5 PC Editor!


"I COME IN PEACE" - GTA V PC Video made with Rockstar Editor. Short movie made with GTA 5 on PC using Director mode on the movie creator. Welcome to my YouTube channel created for showcasing Grand Theft Auto 5 ...


Grand Theft Auto 5's Windows PC version includes a robust video editor, the Rockstar Editor, and


Rockstar Editor is an exclusive feature of GTA V PC version, it allows you to create GTA V and GTA Online videos and edit them with cool video effects, audio, text, and markers etc. Then you can upload and share these videos with your friends or upload to the video sharing service YouTube.


You’re probably knee-deep in GTA 5’s story and multiplayer, but it’s worth taking some time out to play with the PC exclusive Rockstar Editor.


Grand Theft Auto V for PC includes the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode. Here's a rundown of what you can expect from these two exclusive features.


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When GTA V released on PC, it brought with it the Rockstar Editor: an astonishingly powerful video-creation tool that allows you to make films using the world of Los Santos as a


I'm Back! I've completely Re-worked my channel. Houratronic is a fresh start of my old project ''SGFVIDEOS''. I've deleted most of the old videos on here as...